A game that most of us have played since 6th grade or even earlier is Magic The Gathering. It is a Trading card game produced by Wizards of the Coast. Magic goes in phases for us it seem. We play it strong and then forget about it forwhile and then a couple blocks later we pick it up again.


Deck Lists



  • Goblin


  • Red / Green Beasts
  • White Soldiers
  • Blue Pingers


  • Overkill - decent precon
  • Shaman Treefolk *Work in progress but playable*
  • 5 color
  • Red/Black/Blue


  • Mass Polymorph (0/1's turn into very large paintrains)
  • Green Mana Ramp Beast
  • Healing Deck (Wins by having 40 or more life)
  • Discard Deck (Work in Progress)
  • Burn Deck
  • 5-color Sliver EDH (Sliver King Legendary)

Elder Dragon Highlander

What it is: Elder Dragon Highlander is a slightly different set of rules to play Magic by. For an EDH deck, first pick a legendary creature. That creature is your general. You may not include cards in your deck that have a mana symbol that your general doesn't have. For example, if my general is blue, I wouldn't be able to put Mogg Fanatic in my deck. Every card in EDH is restricted - you can only have one copy of a given card in your deck (except basic land). Decks are 100 cards (including the general) and players start at 40 life. You start the game with your general removed from the game. At any point during the game, if your general is removed from the game, you many pay its cost to play it. If your general would go to the graveyard from anywhere, you can remove it from the game instead. For each time that you play your general from the removed from game zone, you must pay an additional 2.

The big benefit of EDH is that you get to play with a lot of cards that you only have one of - you can go through your binder and pull out all the cards that look interesting. It also goes a little slower, because 40 life gives you time to set up defenses before you die. The full rules can be found here.


Being a fan of Magic cards and WoW, we couldn't resist the urge to pick up the WoW TCG when it first came out. We enjoy duking it out with each other in a duel or visiting our favorite raids from in game. The game is a challenege, since the stratgey of every fight changes like it does in the game itself.


Raid Status

  • Onyxia - Cleared
  • Molten Core - Standard Version Cleared (one pulled…bitch)
  • Magtheridon's Lair - Cleared
  • Black temple - Cleared, we wtfpwnd that shit with no loss of life!!!1!!


Wanted Cards

  • Swany
    • I am looking for healing/protecting abilities for my Pally deck



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