World Of Warcraft

We started playing World of Warcraft on the Crushridge server. Travis is the one who got it all started though, he got Matt to start, after spending his freshman year spring breeak in the dorms playing wow. They slowly influenced the rest of the guys to pick up the game. We have had enough friends and friends of friends who have played that we could have run a raiding guild without having outsiders. Some of us have quit, some have just played on other servers and the rest of us can't put down the pipe for long. We don't know if we are going to be playing the next Xpac or not but for now we enjoy our time experiencing the game with each other.


Our Guild Left Hand Band

Vistara 80 Arcane
Cragstone Prot Warrior 80
Selcara 70+ Slowly up & coming Priest
Catrit 19 Rogue Twink
Zephire 29 Shaman Twink
Elstara Leveling Death Knight

Temp 80 Prot Warrior
Narph 70+ leveling Shadow Priest
Loktarnagar 19 Pally Twink
Chatanya 60 Raiding Warlock
Wilo Feral 29 Twink

Kaisserin 80 Frost Deathknight
Valkirin 70 Ret Pally (Solo'd Ony)
Blackwaltz 60 Warlock

Skif 80 Rogue
Skandraken 60s Warlock
Avellencia 29 pally twink
Issarossay 19 mage twink

Alfreda 80 Death Knight
Alfredo 60 Hunter
Grinchler 19 Rogue twink

Zaknafian Hunter Bronzebeard
Ahmanduh Warrior Bronzebeard
Lovepuddle Shaman(was leshvar) Bronzebeard
Narbondel Oomkin Crushridge
Irate Whorelock Bronzebeard
Robotussin Pally Bronzebeard
Cthulhu Horde

Frosthammer 80 The Tailoring Pally, healadin, 2300+ spell power, 35% spell crit, 24,000 mana
Zormal Very old school 19 hunter, made soon after 10-19 WSG was created.
Superbeest 19 Shaman twink.
Wymmer 29 Frost Mage twink.
Yosemite 19 Spelladin twink.
Capp 19 Priest twink.
Cpthammer Hard hitting 19 Warrior twink.
Radag 39 Paladin (lolop)
Stormlake lvl 60 Boomkin raider.

Adrox Warlock (leveling)
Shermax 19 Spelladin twink

Zippylion 80 Enhancement Shaman
Xorkall 80 Frost Tank Death Knight
Kitkatt 60 Marksmanship Hunter

Plays on Bronzebeard now

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