Warhammer Fantasy Battle

We played Dungeons & Dragons Minis, but its didn't quite have the epic massive warfare feel to it so Gatorbait and Matt picked up the started pack, Battle for Skull Pass, and started the tedious painting of our armies.


Tuesday August 26, 2008

  • Well games workshop is uping its prices again do to the costs of shipping materials and the price of tin has doubled. This will be implimented after september 30th. Plastic minis will not be increasing in price.

Wednesday March 12, 2008

  • Went to the MoA yesterday to buy my greenskins army book and a pack of Goblin Fanatics and the store up there that sells them is gone. Guess we will have to buy them online only from now on unless someone can find another store that carries them around here.


  • Matt - I didn't go with the traditional greenskin look, I decided to go with white robed goblins.
  • Gatorbait - Went with the traditional look.


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