Warhammer Fantasy Role Play

We started playing WFRP When if had just come out. We wanted to try somthing different after playing D&D for so long. This was a complete different system, it was less epic and was a lot more deadly. It seemed like an interesting game so Ian offered to pick up the books and run us a game.


Thursday Feb 28, 2008

  • It's been out for a little while now. Black Industries has discountued its RPG products and is going to focus on the novel side of their publications. Hopefully someone else picks up the license and publishes more of these books. - Matt
  • I think this means that they did find a producer for WFRP but i could be wrong. It says that Fantasy Flight Games, which is a MN based company, has the Games Workshop license to produce Warhammer Fantasy RPGS, although I thought Black Industries has the license for this. I have no idea but I hope it means they will still be producing it.



Fantasy Flight Games

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