I was created by a genius gnome named Finkle Featherfall from Lantan. Finkle was the lead engineer on the "Creation Project". The Creation Project was, in short, an attempt to make life. The original idea was to take a clockwork device and add enough intelligence magical means. Each time they created a speaking machine but it had no thought process. The magic could make them do incredible things but only with direction and programming. After repeated failure Finkle offered a new idea that was rejected by the gnomish council. The said it was crazy and dangerous but after repeated failure Finkle was willing to try anything. The council forbid him from using their resources.

Finkle had the idea that more than mere magic was necessary to create the thought process of life. In fact he thought it was impossible to create the process. So he went out in search of a stronger wizard, a cleric and an alchemist. The plan was simple, the execution was not. The idea was to transfer the consciousness of a dying man. To transfer the consciousness the cleric and the alchemist held the dying man in stasis somewhere between life and death long enough for the wizard to copy the brain pattern onto the clockwork machines wiring. The process took a total of three hours to complete. None of those present were sure if it worked. Even when it started moving they were afraid the transfer didn't take. It wasn't until several hours later that the machine started speak with being prompted. His speech was common but the structure was very mechanical in nature. The thoughts were successfully imprinted on the wiring but the rigid structure was restricting the speech patterns. Since the dying man was not an old man but someone who was dying from a disease the mind was still strong.

The machine/man was given the designation TX11A. He was trained to be agile and nimble. He was also trained in scouting and long range shooting in the short time they had before the gnomish council discovered what was done. Finkle's last action as a free gnome was to send TX11A on a ship out of Lantan and told to do his best to survive.

From here I survived for a time working the docks of Athkatla as a clockwork machine. I worked under the guise that I brought my pay back to my owner. Anything I bought I bought as if I was making the purchase for my master. Once I had enough saved up I made my way to Waterdeep because I heard they had more tolerance for magic and maybe I would be accepted there. All in all it was 1387 days from consciousness to the day I met Barabbas.

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