Twinkle Flower War Ponies

Halfling bred war ponies who thrive on sugar cubes, apples and death. These tough little ponies are only available from the Twinkle Flower Clan Halflings in Absalom. They are the toughest bred war ponies out there and are guaranteed to survive anything except bears. They are know the freeze up harder than molasses in the Deep freeze of '76. You can get yourself on one of these tough little bastards for only two easy payments of 23 gold now and 23 gold just before you get on the bugger. Guaranteed to bring death and a famine of apples and sugar to any country side visited, but will not and i repeat will not handle bears. This is the ONLY flaw not able to be bred out of these ponies. You will not be let down if your goal is to eat sugar cubes and apples while raining down death.

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