Thoughts On DDO

Matt's Thoughts on DDO.

Thursday, Feb. 08, 2008
I think the game is fun so far. The initial feel of it remind's me of Morrowind. Combat in the game is a little chaotic. People are clicking everywhere and half the time you can't see the enemy when your in a group because everyone is surrounding it. Group in the game is very unstructured, everyone just charged through and killed everythign and broke the crates as fast as they could hoping for gold, which you can grab from other players who broke the crates. So far I think the game is fun and I would like to play it, but i wouldn't want to pay for it monthly. I think that it would get old because of the play style for grouping, this could change as you get higher levels though. One great thing about it is the built in voice chat system. It works great.

Swany's Thoughts on DDO.

Saturday, Feb. 9, 2008
The game is interesting but definitely has some issues. Combat is chaotic at best and actions seem to lag a bit on everything. I think when WoW brings on their new expansion I could see myself going to this if we don't do Warhammer Online because our computers can't handle it.

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