Thekk Toban

Madeline Toban was the wife of Henry Toban. Henry was a master blacksmith who called the high peaks of the Snowflake Mountains his home. For generations Henry’s family had done business with the Dwarves who dwelled within the mountains. The Tobans were, in fact, highly regarded by the dwarves of the Snowflake Mountains as good smiths, good drinkers, and good people. Many are the Dwarven parties the Tobans attended.

The Tobans often traveled to the village of Riatavin where they would sell what they had created; mostly weapons and armor. It would then be sent down river to bigger, commercialized towns. On one such voyage, about 20 miles from the foot of the mountains, the Tobans ran into trouble. The route from the mountains to Riatavin was generally a very safe one; there was not much out here for any evildoers to be interested in. Unfortunately a wandering band of Orcs just happened to be passing by at just the wrong time. The chief of this small tribe had led his followers away from a larger tribe in an attempt to create his own new tribe. Unfortunately for him he had no money, and few weapons. When they came across the Toban’s wagon they expected merely to feed their hungry bellies; however when they saw the expertly crafted arms and armor in the wagon they quickly decided that these to humans may be of better use than just meat. Though Henry was a brave man he was no match for the 40+ Orc tribe. After assuring the Tobans that they would be spared if they cooperated in creating more armor and weapons the Orcs took the Tobans captive. They continued on for about 30 miles before stopping to sleep. Luckily for the Tobans the Orcs were too stupid to notice the Dwarven sentries posted at the foot of the mountains who saw everything and quickly reported it back to their brethren. That night a Dwarven raiding party was formed, over 150 strong.

While the Dwarves organized a rescue the Orcs had Henry start altering the armor to fit their large frames. The chief of the tribe spent his night reaping the spoils of the capture by bringing Madeline into his bed. Madeline fought back so hard that the large Orc had to have her tied down despite being three times her weight. As day broke the dwarves rumbled the ground as they approached the encampment. The Orcs attempted to fight back but they were slaughtered mercilessly and before the attack was over Madeline had returned the chief’s actions with a dull rusty blade while five dwarves held him down, his death was slow. After this incident the dwarves always sent an escort of warriors with the Tobans.

Nine months later Madeline bore a son whose lineage was unmistakable. In honor of the Dwarves who saved her she named the child Thekk; a good strong Dwarven name. Unlike most Half-Orcs Thekk was raised in a good family. Thekk attended Dwarven schooling, perhaps the only creature with Orc blood ever to do so. Contrary to what one might think Thekk was treated very well by the Dwarves. As Thekk grew it became apparent that he was going to be a very physically powerful beast. He was given permission by the teachers of the Dwarven School to stop any Dwarven child who dared mock him for his heritage in any way he saw fit. For a Half-Orc Thekk showed remarkable intelligence and self control. Thekk grew up speaking both common and Dwarven. Thekk knew that someday he would be out on his own and would most likely run into other Half-Orcs like himself and so he also studied Orcish on his own in private as the words of such a foul language would not be tolerated in Dwarven halls. When he was old enough Thekk joined the Dwarven military where he excelled. Thekk was very fond of defensive fighting, using a shield in many various ways. Unfortunately, as much as the Dwarves loved Thekk as one of their own, they could not allow a non-Dwarf to become what Thekk desired; a Dwarven Defender.

Despite being turned down for training as a Dwarven Defender Thekk mastered his own form of defensive fighting. Thekk was so strong he could wield very large weapons with one hand and towards the end of his time with the dwarves he was a match for any fully trained Dwarven Defender who dwelled in that mountain. As much as Thekk loved the Snowflake Mountains, his family and his friends he had come to the decision that it was time for him to move on. Thekk felt lustful for adventure and his large feet desired to roam, a true testament that no matter how much time he spent with them he was not a Dwarf.

Upon his departure Thekk was gifted with a few items of consequence. His father crafted him a set of armor, a shield, and a greatsword all of the finest quality to aid Thekk in his adventures. The Dwarves gave Thekk their own gift, he received the clan tattoo; an honor no non-Dwarf had ever been awarded by this clan. Thekk also received a signet ring bearing the same symbol which Thekk has been known to pound the imprint of into the forehead of anyone who speaks ill of Dwarves.

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