The Art Of Gaming

It is amazing the things that people are inspired to put down on paper when they are sitting around a game and its not their turn. I have found quite a few of these laying around and thought they deserved a dedicated spot on the wiki since bios/journals have a spot to share. They are by no means master works or art, merely sketches drawn on scrap pieces of paper or corners of character sheets. I am going to post these anonymously even though I am pretty sure i know who drew what, and most of you can figure it out also.

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CCF09202009_00000.jpg CCF09202009_00001.jpg CCF09202009_00002.jpg CCF09202009_00003.jpg CCF09202009_00004.jpg CCF09202009_00005.jpg CCF09202009_00006.jpg CCF09202009_00007.jpg CCF09202009_00011.jpg CCF09202009_00009.jpg CCF09202009_00010.jpg CCF09202009_00012.jpg CCF09202009_00013.jpg CCF09202009_00014.jpg CCF09202009_00015.jpg CCF09202009_00016.jpg CCF09202009_00017.jpg Grace%20Shrink.png bigshabang001.jpg
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