Starlight Saga

True civilization is distant memory; only the oldest of the immortal races remember the world that once was. What sits in its place is a world of vast and unrelenting danger, overrun by the monstrous races and other hazards, treacherous to all but the most experienced travelers. Cities exist as points of light in the darkness, warded against the encroaching danger by carefully maintained Vankarra Engines, which push back against the chaos outside. Every sane person lives and works within the protection of these Engines. This includes all farmland, mines, etc., all huddled around the Engines.

There is little communication between cities, nor much point to communication. Trade between cities is nearly nonexistent. Roads between cities are patchy and unmaintained. Caravans are considered a bad idea. On the plus side, few cities have standing armies, because there's no threat of attack from other cities and the Vankarra Engines keep the unsheathed chaos at bay, not men-at-arms.

Despite the dangers, there are those who wander into the Wilderness. The Vankarra Engines are not infallible; sometimes they fail, and sometimes that failure is catastrophic enough that there can be no recovery; a point of light is snuffed out. The world is littered with these ruins, some unplundered and ripe for foolhardy adventurers seeking quick riches. More virtuous adventurers take up the dangerous task of guarding caravans as they traverse from city to city, an extremely risky but very profitable proposition for those who survive. Beyond the simple motivation of greed, there are other reasons that people choose to venture beyond the safety of the Vankarra Engines; some seek their heritage, some wish to test their mettle, and others want the isolation that can only be found in the dangerous Wilds.

And then there are the rare dreamers, who hope to push back the darkness for good and restore the world to the way it once was.

Character Creation Rules

System: Pathfinder
Starting Level: 1
Starting Gold: Standard
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If you want to have a deity or are required to have one by your class, you can pick from virtually any established source. This setting is one of deep and forgotten secrets; resurrected religions and deities (or wholly invented ones) are nothing new. It's my personal preference that you pick one that's more obscure, or invent your own (with my help).

There are no restrictions on race. The starting location, Light's Hollow, is like many of the cities of the world, a place where all are welcome, more out of practicality than egalitarianism. This is not to say that racial tensions don't still exist, especially among those races with longer memories than others, or among those who are trying to keep the old ways alive.

Light's Hollow

Light's Hollow is a city with seven Vankarra Engines, arranged in a hexagonal pattern to cover the maximum amount of livable space.

This will be a place for information about Light's Hollow, as it's uncovered.


Lawrence Silverleaf: A tall human with long, prematurely white hair and a long knife strapped to his thigh. He is the owner and proprietor of the Feral Dog, puts on dog fights for the masses and deals in the not-quite-illegal narcotic boscleaf. He also has a heavy interest in sending people out into the Wilds to recover artifacts. In addition, he has some pretensions toward a seat on the city council.

Don Lamont: An unimpressive human caravan guard with few noteworthy features aside from a drooping mustache. Most of his friends died in a caravan attack just prior to the start of the campaign. Works for Lawrence Silverleaf.

The Black Cartographer: ?????

Dr. Eliezer Klemps: A dwarf missing part of his left hand and with an eye replaced by a something magical. Walks with a limp. Has a heavy interest in what he calls "spontaneous necromancy" and offers a reward for samples. Definitely not a necromancer himself. Hangs out at Joanne's, though it's not clear what's in it for her.

Joanne Bertselw: A young human female. Owner and proprietor of Joane's Marvelous Armory. Sells magical items, with a heavy focus on armor. Also keeps a collection of historically or culturally notable arms and armor in her shop, with an eye towards those with that come from lost peoples or civilizations. Formerly an adventurer, but quit after the Great Delve of Anarkat.

Budgie Ortison: Bursar of the College of Arcane Devices. A small, green-skinned gnome with elaborate purple clothes that have tiger-fur trim. He's very concerned with the budget of the college, above and beyond the devices and personnel it contains within it. He's a little too willing to loan out the college's arcane devices.

Perperperperous Trout: Lead engineer of the lanterns of Light's Hollow. A rather classical gnomish engineer with goggles on his head, a vest full of pockets, and a spanner in his hand, to the point where it's clear he's trying too hard. Holds a seat on the city council.

Gregor Golland: Council member at large for Light's Hollow. A senile old man who has taken to numerology. (Killed by Al'Hakar.)

Jane Norry: Chief glimwarden.

Abim Hrusison: Mayor.


The Feral Dog: Silverleaf's place. Go here if you want cheap ale, you want to watch some dog fights, or you want some high-risk work.

Joanne's Marvelous Armory: Buys (and sells) arms and armor, either to the glimwardens or intrepid adventurers. Sits next to the College of Arcane Devices. The building has a lot of dwarven-made brass fixtures from the previous tenant, but Joanne keeps them polished to a gleam.

The College of Arcane Devices: A combination storehouse and museum that contains all manner of magical items and a few magical creatures that can be kept within the umbra of the Vankarra engines (now, minus one rope golem).

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