River Kingdoms

The River Kingdoms area haven for the lowlifes of the land, that society has driven out of their presence. It is more popularly noted for its inland pirates. Power and kingdoms change by the day, and are always scheming to get the upper hand and stay around for one more day.

Major Towns or locals

  • Artume
  • Allenstead
  • Cordelon
  • Daggermark
  • Fort Inevitable
  • Gralton
  • Hymbria
  • Lambreth
  • Liberthane
  • Loric Fells
  • Mivon
  • Orthult
  • Outsea
  • Pitax
  • Protectorate of the Black Marquis
  • Riverton
  • Sevenarches
  • Stolen Lands
  • Thornkeep
  • Touvette
  • Tymon
  • Uringen
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