Restless Bear Inn
This crumbling, moss-choked inn stands alone at the road’s end. Looming over its squat frame, a dense curtain of foliage marks the border of the Forest of Veils. The sign above the door reads “The Restless Bear,” and it seems to refer to a stuffed bear’s head that lolls upon a flagpole near the eaves The inn is a one-story hostel with a claustrophobic ambiance. It features plain walls, simple wooden doors, shuttered windows, and smoky tallow fat candles that keep the interior in a state of dim light.
Its common room feels like a cave, it has sagging rafters clogged with yarn, shabby ribbons, and odd miniature knick-knacks that reinforce its claustrophobic atmosphere.

Birdy runs this fine establishment. She is a spindly widow versed in local lore and superstition

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