Red Thunder

A calf will be born to unite the tribes to conquer the raiders,
The sound of the herd will be like thunder that will shake the desert and nations around,
All will submit to the hoof of the Roan Calf

My tribe was the guardians of the Anuarch Desert, to protect the buried knowledge in the sands, protect it from man’s greed. I was the prophesized calf. I was to lead the tribes out of the desert to conquer the raiders of Thay and to leave their cities in ruins. Chief was unwilling to believe that the long awaited calf would come from a lowly craftsman and not of his own loins. He tried to keep me down but my natural strength developed on its own. He feared me and my natural right to his power. One day he took me aside to have a talk and to teach me what he thought I would need to know to lead the tribes. He said he realized that I was the Prophesized calf and accepted it. We went off into the desert together for my training. We stopped at an oasis where there was a group of men from a caravan. He brought me to them under the façade that I was to learn how to deal with traders. They greeted us with great uncertainty. Immediately they started haggling over some good. I thought that the traders must have had something powerful in their wagons. Instead they finally agreed upon a set price and I was seized. The traders beat me into unconsciousness and then tide and tossed me into a wagon.

Every time I would start to wake one of the slavers, for they were not simple traders, would drug me to keep me calm and confused in the wagon. When we came to our destination I was put in a cell by myself. I sat there fro what seemed a fortnight, but I had no way to track time. I raged at being held captive. I tried to break the door of my cell, but I was weak from the lack of food and couldn’t break it. Finally one of my captors, who I later learned was named Igor Ianovitch, came to see me. He was leading a bald man with tattoos covering his scalp. The man glared at me through the bars as if eyeing over a horse for sale at market and mumbled to Igor and walked off. Then a bunch of men came at me with clubs and chains. I tried to fight them, and again was beaten into submission. The chains were put on me and I was lead up a set of stairs and out into an alley where a wagon awaited me. From there I was not sure where I was taken.

When the wagon finally stopped I was at a tower with a large walled courtyard. An armored woman came out to see me. Her face was scared and her eyes held no compassion for the bruised side of beef laying in front of her. She was to be my trainer and tormentor. She cut the chains and handed me an axe. I picked up the axe as if to fight her, but instead turned and ran at the men who captured me. I attacked them and killed igor and maimed the other before the armored woman could subdue me. From that day on whenever I was to receive training in arms I would rage, trying to destroy anything I could; wagons, weapons, crates, barrels, anything that I could get a hold of.
One day, rather than receiving training I was taken out in chains and I was chained to a pole. The dark woman came with a pair of sheers that had been heated white hot. “Your rage could have been your greatest asset in battle if you could control it.” I then felt a searing ret hot pain and passed out as she cut my bull-hood off. From that day I no longer raged, my passion for battle was gone. This is when I began to do as I was told with little resistance. I became a fine fighter; I had enough strength and coordination that I learned how to fight with an axe and sword rather than a massive axe or sword like the rest of my kind.

I trained and followed orders and I became a body guard to the bald man I had seen the day I was brought to this tower. He was a Thayan Wizard, his name was Eldred the Sane. He was a trader of minor magic items and was to lead an enclave in Waterdeep. He took me with him to strike fear into any would be thieves from my presence alone. I worked with him in Waterdeep for a couple months, but finally one night I saw my chance and fled. I could no longer stand living in cities and doing another man’s bidding. I fled the city and headed northeast. I followed a river to Loudwater. Upon inspecting the town I was surprised to see a tavern with a door large enough for me to enter. I thought I might be safe to enter. I went in to Nickel Pitchers and stood at the bar.

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