Red Redoubut
  • The siege castle itself has collapsed into rusted rubble
  • While the Redoubt has no permanent residents, bandits, outcasts, or the occasional monster sometimes use it as a lair. Infighting for territory among these groups usually nullifies their threat, so Absalom’s authorities don’t interfere.
  • One band known to lair in the ruins there is the Blood-Red Raiders, a small gang of bandits that mostly robs lone travelers.
  • A young human man with pale skin and odd tattoos—supposedly a student expelled from the Clockwork Cathedral—has recently joined the Blood- Red Raiders.
  • The Red Redoubt of Karamoss was a siege castle created more than 1,000 years ago by the “machine mage” Karamoss in a failed attempt to conquer Absalom.
  • Karamoss’s armies included initial waves of hobgoblins, followed by legions of strangely intelligent constructs. After several years and some close calls, the fight turned against Karamoss and the Redoubt fell.
  • The Red Redoubt is constructed almost entirely of a strange, dark red metal. Supposedly, the entire structure rose in a single night. The red metal of the Redoubt is called djezeteel, a unique alloy of iron and the liquid skymetal djezet invented by Karamoss.
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