Queen Ileosa Arabasti



Queen Ileosa is a woman of breathtaking beauty, with hair like the sunset, chaste alabaster skin, and features so fetching many claimed her mother must have been a nymph queen, as surely no mortal woman could give birth to a beauty such as she.

The queen was born Ileosa Arvanxi to one of Cheliax's mor successful noble families. When she came of age, most expected her to marry into a more powerful Chelish line, yet she scandalized her family by abandoning Cheliax and sailing to the city of Korvosa. For Ileosa was nothing if not ambitious — she didn't see herself as the wife of an important Chelish dignitary or noble, but as a queen. She knew much of Eodred II's tastes and desires before she arrived, so that when she presented herself to him, he fell in love immediately. The two were wed after a scandalously short courtship, and, perhaps the most shocking move of all, Eodred turned out his entire harem in favor of his new queen. Barely 17 years old when she took Eodred II's side in 4704 AR, Queen Ileosa has managed a minor miracle in the past 4 years — she's single-handedly shifted the dislike and disapproval away from King Eodred to herself with her open distaste for Korvosa (a city she's been heard to call "a backwater colonial village" more than once).

Most of Korvosa's nobles worry of the dangers of placing a trophy wife within hands' reach of the Crimson Throne, but Ileosa's interest in the city seems secondary to the life of luxury — and with the more-than-competant Seneschal Neolandus Kalepopolis guarding Castle Korvosa's interests, these noble families feel they have little to worry about.


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