The Private Thoughts and History of Oola Rose on Rumspringa

Day 2

Dearest Diary,

Leena snored all night long. I hope she doesn’t do this every night or I will have to smother her in her sleep before we can get somewhere with beds and separate rooms so I can actually get some sleep. My back is so sore, I get stuck sleeping in the dirt rather than our feathers like one of my stature ought to. I will be a crippled woman by the time I return home, if I make it that long. It looked like it would rain last night, at least it stayed dry.

Yesterday I left the compound with my dearest Leena. We become of age two weeks prior to our departure, and are not to return from our travels any sooner than one year. We are forced out of the compound to live like savages. The elders must be insane to force this upon us. They say it will only stiffen our resolve to live in pure communities. I think that they are all a bunch of fools, we will surely die out here and it will be on their heads.

We were given a ceremony before leaving to remind us of our people, that they had all too gone on Rumspringa, and had all returned. After seeing what was outside our walls, they came back to create a stronger community. As tradition would serve we were given gifts to aid us on our journey. From mother I received a fine new gown that was enhanced to protect me if I were to get injured. Father gifted me with great grandmother’s staff to enhance my castings. The council of elders gave me an amulet to keep me whole in mind and in body. Even with the gifts, I was loath to leave the compound and begged father to let me stay. I could not bear to leave my family and my fine home, but he said I shame him by asking this. So I took Leena by the hand and we headed out of the compound in silence, well I was crying a little, but it was quiet.

We walked for most of the day, heading east hoping that we could find somewhere with a bed to sleep. We ended up making camp near a creek. Supper was a dismal affair. They actual sent us with Iron rations. Could you believe that of all our finest foods they could have packaged and sent with us, and we get IRON RATIONS? I choked mine down and went to sleep.

Day 3 (I think)

Dearest Diary,

I came to in a cell in which I was wearing rags. I am surely going to get some sort of disease from wearing those things. The last thing I can remember is coming down into Nentir Vale and we were set upon by a group of savages in robes. As I was getting my bearings, another of the robed scum came into the room where the cells were. He told us that we were to be sacrifices for some heathen god or some farce like that. The fool thought that the bars of our cell could actually hold us. Leena and I gave him quite the surprise though when we appeared in the hall between the cells, one on either side of him. We taught him a lesson on how the sacrifices of gods should be treated, and it definitely isn’t by putting then in disease ridden rags. We played with him for awhile, until he go to close to another cell where a dragonkin of some sort bashed his brains out on the bars. I liked his spark so Leena and I set him free and he joined us in trying to escape. We first found our possessions, got rid of the rags, took care of our appearance and then went on our way clearing a path out of this hell hole.

Day 3 (I think) - A Short Rest

Dearest Diary,

I write this as we take a short rest. There seems to be an unlimited amount of cultists down here. We have fought our way through several rooms of them. The place is an endless maze tricks you into walk in circles; all the damn rooms are interconnected. There was a very odd thing in one of the rooms. In it there were three statues, two humans and an elf, which came to life and fought at the behest of the cultists. After a few seconds the people who had been statues were able to shake whatever magics had been controlling them, and turned on the cultists. There were two humans of Holy orders who unfortunately were able to survive the fight. There was also one of the wilder cousins. The trio desired to join us in escaping the dungeon. I was more than willing to help Fuck get out of this hell hole. The other two begged me to let the humans come with us. I figured that we could use some fodder so Leena and I would be able to make it out alive, plus they had the power of their minor gods to help drive the dead back into the grave. The Human’s seem sturdy enough that they will make decent retainers if they make it out of here alive. As if the company in this place couldn’t get any worse we entered a room with elephant pillars, and a worn out Halfling, /spit, came through the door and requested help to escape this hell. Of course the humans in this group are weak of heart and accepted him into our rag tag band, despite my protests of him being dead weight. There seems to be a large number of idiots who have gone and gotten themselves captured by these damned cultists, and they all need the genius of the Leena and I to find a way out. Well our rest is up and we need to continue on our escape, I really can’t wait to spend the rest of Rumspringa in the sun viewing the beautiful places of the world that I have heard about in the stories.

Day 4

Dearest Diary,

It was so dreadful. Leena and I were forced to sleep on the floor of this building that we were in. I thought the ground next to the stream was bad this was even worse. I am not sure if the servants here have ever swept the place out. There is dust and small chunks of rock over the entire floor. The only good thing was having so many of the lesser around they had to stay up on watch to make sure none of these cultists were going to walk in on us, so Leena and I got a good night’s sleep.

We came across yet another captive who was going to be sacrificed to this Orcus. He claimed to know the way out though when we were going the wrong way he never said a word till asked. The little fool even had the nerve to insult my body. Like that is something that I can help? So he lost his tongue for it. Charles seemed to have an issue with me slaying him outright for his insult upon one of the elder races, so he handed out the punishment himself, and Lolita the little spaz lashed out at me when I first unleashed my vengeance on the cretin. That bitch cut me and my dress to top it off, she claimed it was reflexive. She is going to pay for that one of these nights. That's all I have time for now, I will report back when something exciting happens again.


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