Onibla was born in the town of , next to the forest . He was the first and only child of his parents. His parents weren't wealthy, but they made a good amount of money for doing a job that most people wouldn't dare to do. Both his mom and father were scouts for hire to lead many types of folks through the forest safely. Onibla was home schooled during his childhood to follow in his parent's footsteps and soon become very familiar with the woods and it became a second home for him. Onibla was so comfortable with the woods, that he avoided going into town, where he felt out of place. Onibla had a happy childhood, until about the age of 12 when everything changed. Onibla's parents were leading a group of people down a path to put down a rowdy group of kobolds, when the kobolds got the jump on them instead, slaughtering the whole group. Days later, a search party discovered their mutilated bodies and recognized the left behind weapons as that of the kobolds. When Onibla learned about this, he swore never to forget and search down every kobold, until their species falls. Now Onibla ventures to any kobold uprising to put them down, to avenge his parents. or at least that's the story he tells everyone.


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