Ondru Malarky

Shifter Bear Shaman: Grave Robber, ex-Corsario, Berber tribesman

  • Irish Berber-lycanthrope heritage
  • Light brown skin with freckles
  • Long curly dark red hair
  • 154 pounds
  • Brown eyes
  • Big nose and lips
  • Shaved face


1681- An Irish woman dies in a birthing bed from complications of the birth, the son of an escaped Irish slave, and a Berber Shaman was born. He takes on the name of his mothers people, and is raised as a Berber.

1685- Training as a shaman of the nomadic Berbers commenced. Father taught him the ways of the spirit world at a young age, but expectations were now in place.

1687- Ondru left for his tribe for a month to find his inner spirit. As only a child, he wandered for days on end living off the land, trying to find his inner spirit. He came across another child near a watering hole. A pack of hyenas had him surrounded. At this point he knew what his calling from the spirit world was. A giant bear materialized and charged in to the pack of hyenas dispersing them and saving the child. He returned to this tribe with pride.

1695- Arab slavers attack the tribe at night. Ondru awoke with a gash on his face, bound and in the galley of a ship. Most of his tribesmen were sold at auction. After a few months of rowing on the ship, it was beset by Corsarios. Ondru fought against the Arabs, helping the Corsarios take over the ship. He was then allowed to join up for helping take out the Arabs. He then took to the seas sacking ships and spending his plunder in many ports.

1697- While in port one day a group of them decided that there was better plunder to be had in tombs barrows. Capitán El Mulato would hear none of this though and shot the leader at point blank. At this Ondru and a couple other high tailed it before he could reload his pistol. They escaped out in to Port Alexandria, losing themselves in the crowd. Finding a warehouse that was open they slipped in hiding behind barrels and crates for a few days till Capitán El Mulato left port. After that it was out to the Valley of kings and into wealth.

1708- Moving around from Egypt to Rome, to the barrows of Scottish Lords the band moved around plundering and selling their relics through a third party in Amsterdam. The money was put into the vaults at a gold lender in Amsterdam. While raiding the barrow of a long dead noble, they were beset upon by the local constables. They were outnumbered, but still put up a fight. Three of them ended up getting cut down outright, while a fourth, Abran, ended up fleeing through the door leaving Ondru to his own. He ended up surrendering knowing his best chance of survival was to give up. He spent two weeks in the stocks of Aylesbury, and was released with a brand on the back of his hand of G.R.. He then headed out of town and came upon a queer group of people in Chilton Fields. They spoke of needing to find some relic and destroy it, or some such thing. He figured that it sounded as if he could make a few gold off finding this relic. But he needed to get to Amsterdam before Abran could get there, so he could retrieve the gold from the lender who was storing it for them.


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