Melech Jackson

My name is Melech Jackson. I am a wizard or so I would have you believe. I have learned to act as a wizard acts and cast as a wizard casts. This is necessary because of who and what I am. My kind are hunted as devil worshippers and scorned as Satanists by the church. If you haven’t figured out what I am then I’m not sure I should say because you obviously aren’t very smart.

What’s worse is, not only what I study shunned but also what it has turned me into. In the few years of study I have already begun to change. My eyes have a slight red tint now and my skin is getting dry. From what I have read it only happens to a few of us. Along with the physical changes there have also been changes within me that I cannot explain, as if my body is slowly being altered. I have become what they call a Teifling. My physical appearance is not as pronounced as born Tieflings who are a born of demonic creatures mating with human females. Those are obvious Tieflings who cannot hide what they are. I have no horns as of yet and no tail, which would be hard to hide, but I fear as my studies continue I may develop.

I hail from Aylesbury, where I went to school at the Aylesbury Grammar School. I was a bright student, and as such was always more interested in books and knowledge than feats of strength. Many expected me to become a wizard and in a way I have. I have studied the Aetheric magic of the wizards but use it differently. As I said I use gestures similar to wizards and I do as much as I can like a wizard but I am not a wizard. I use these abilities to fool those around me into believing I am what I say I am. My kind is hunted mercilessly by the church, though I know not why. I am sure there are others like me who hide what they are. I have noticed a few over the years; if they noticed me they said nothing as I said nothing to or about them. Through the years of study at the school and of Aetheric magic I learned Latin and Draconic as well as the common language of the region.

I became interested in my vocation early on while I was studying to become a wizard. I found some books that were hidden in the library while looking through some old books. These books looked as though they had not been opened in ages. After looking over these books I found a whole new type of power that is similar to wizards in nature but much more powerful. It has taken work to study an art that is forbidden but it has made those of us who do stronger. Tapping into the power to mentally crush your opponent is one of the best feelings, especially when they can’t tell where it is coming from.

To keep up the illusion of a wizard I started working at the Market Square Enchantorium in Aylesbury and have continued studying the way of the wizard to hone my act. I have also befriended a beardless dwarf who lives above the shop I work at and a few other folks around town that do not annoy me. Most of which have little or no Aetheric ability.


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