Matt's Army

For my army I decided to go against the conventional blacked robed goblins. I painted them so they were wearing white robes for winter camo since I am basing them with snow. For my snow I am using a 3 part mix of water, elmer's glue and baking soda. I have experimented with it so far on two minis and I like the way it has turned out. It seems fairly brittle though, once I get a case with foam in it, to store and transport my minis, I don't think that the snow chipping will be an issue. I hope to get pictures of my army up here once i get them done. I have several minis in various states of completion, but i find it hard to paint the same model over and over again. Once I get them done as long as I expand in small amounts at a time I think that I will be able to get them painted faster.

I have recently added a squad of Orcs to my army and a goblin spear chukka.

2360795073_96a83a8107_m.jpg 2360795065_af186cc05d_m.jpg
The rest of my army in various stages of completion (except my spipder riders)
2380039007_ae6707c91b.jpg 2380039011_98d44376c7.jpg
only primed figs


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