Mass Polymorph



Emrakul, the Aeons Torn x1
Iona, Shield of Emeria x1
Stormtide Leviathan x3

Awakening Zone x4

Prophetic Prism x4

Brood Birthing x4
Growth Spasm x4
Mass Polymorph x4

Lightning Boltl x4
Mana Leak x4
Naturalize x4

Forest x6
Island x3
Mountain x6
Halimar Depths x4
Khalni Garden x4

Deck Functionality
I designed this deck to pull out very large creatures quickly and without having to pay their casting cost. The deck is also designed so that it can still cast the big creatures just in case you aren't pulling a Mass Polymorph. Basically, the way this deck works is by populating the battlefield with 0/1 creature tokens, that can also function as colorless mana, then hopefully (under ideal conditions) on the 5th turn cast Mass Polymorph to turn 5 of the creature tokens into the only 5 creatures I have in the deck. For the first few turns, by putting out 0/1's I try to give the illusion of passivity before laying waste to opponents. The polymorphed creatures were chosen specifically to cripple the opponent to prevent the game from drawing out; I use 3 Stormtide Leviathans to effectively pacify all ground creatures, and give myself unblockable muscle, Iona is used to prevent the enemy player(s) from casting any one certain color, and Emrakul is thrown in the mix to cause the most damage with Annihilator 6.

Possible Changes/Flaws
I wouldn't change much in this Deck setup, however, I would consider adding single Polymorphs, since the biggest problem with this deck is you are always hoping to Top Deck a Mass Polymorph. Also, the biggest flaw is that to most players, the deck is obvious and well-prepared players will effectively counterspell any Mass Poly's.


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