Malenor MacDuff

Malenor MacDuff was born to Thomas MacDuff, a human farmer who resided in the harsh environment of Icewind Dale. Malenor's mother was an elf named Weilanee. Thomas and Weilanee were in love and together they had one child, Malenor. For 22 years Thomas and Weilanee raised Malenor. They taught him about many things, including the world of Faerune. They taught him about his elvish and his human ancestry. Unlike many half elves, Malenor had a good childhood. He was fortunate to be surrounded by people who loved him and he never took that for granted.

Unfortunately, good things never last. One day, Thomas was taken deathly ill. Within 2 months he was dead. Malenor and Weilanee grieved together, but they realized that life must go on. Malenor and Weilanee continued to farm their land, knowing that, in time, the pain would heal. However, not half a year after Thomas' death, Weilanee was met with an unfortunate accident. While tending the crops one day, for reasons still unknown to Malenor to this day, the horse that was pulling the ploy that Weilanee was working was spooked. The horse reared and thrashed his hooves. Weilanee approached the horse to comfort him, but as she neared, the horse reared and fell to his side, kicking Weilanee in the head and killing her instantly.

Malenor fell in to a deep depression. He retreated to the high north glacier where he decided he would starve himself to death or allow himself to be consumed by a yeti. Malenor was near death when he was found by an unlikely creature.

It was a drow monk who had found Malenor. The drow was a member of a monastery in the mountain that had somehow gone unnoticed for over a century. The monastery was a retreat for drow from the underdark who had rejected that way of life in favor of a life of good. The monastery was in honor of the Goddess Eilistranee. It was here that Malenor spent the next 20 years of his life.

He requested to be trained as a farmer in the beginning, he wanted to do what he knew. But the head monks told him that in order to live with the past he must move on. They made him a warrior, a far throw from a farmer, but it turned out that Malenor had an incredible aptitude for the monks style of fighting.

He reached the high order of the Eilistraee monk warrior elite in a mere 12 years. This was a feat that took most over half a century. Upon achieving this rank Malenor was awarded with four gifts of honor, as was every member of this order. He was given a cloak, as black as the drow who had crafted it, save for a silver embodiment of the symbol of Eilistraee on the left chest. He was also given and Eilistraee monk ceremonial dagger. This dagger contained in it the very cold of the glacier on which the monastery resided. He was also given a weapon that had been crafted to his specific and exact style and desire. It was a powerful singham that also contained the cold of the glacier, Malenor named it Weilanee in honor of his mother. The final gift he received, and the most important, was a pendent with the symbol of Eilistraee engraved on a solid piece of highly magical silver. The pendant is said to give it's wearer the wisdom of Eilistraee herself.

After 20 years at the monastery, Malenor decided it was time to move on once again. Unlike his drow brethren, he could easily move into a new life in a new place. It was one day, 2 years later, that Malenor happened across a group of travelers. This was Malenor's first time being truly on his own since 22 years earlier when his parents died, however, now he was far more ready for the challenge.

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