Lord Minovitas

Grand Prince Stavian’s loudest sycophants— he came to Absalom for the dedication of ‘The Opparan Trace Commission,’ which is a new guildhall intended to host Taldan business.He lord commissioned the celebrated Varisian painter Amya Illanaf to create a series of portraits to hang in the grand hall. These are entitled ‘The Heroes of the Worldwound.’ The has one commissioned of portly hound Lord Minovitas himself in pristine battle regalia with his foot planted on a
dead fiend, as though he had slain it himself— all while Iomedae sings his praises in the background.

Lord Minovitas is a Taldan nobleman who has spent much of the past year in Absalom laying the groundwork for future business endeavors, though most of that time he has spent intoxicated while wining and dining influential citizens. His lordship is fighting a losing battle to maintain his upstanding image in Absalom as several Taldans have begun telling stories of Lord Minovitas’s habitual exploitation of his ancestral lands and its people. At least two of these rumormongers have disappeared very suddenly in the past month. His superiors have formally censured him on at least two occasions for “ignoble conduct,” which would qualify as felonies if performed by a commoner.

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