Leena Rialijah

Teena Rialijah (Ri-lee-ah)

Teena was born to Ayra and Sherman Rialijah. Her father was a metal worker and mother was a healer. Even though her father was the finest metal worker in town people still looked down upon their family for his working with his hands and Ayra for working with the sick. All of her life Tina has tried to grow away from the image of the low class. Wearing fine robes and associating with higher status families in town. This is where she got to know one of the elders, Horan. She spent a lot of time learning of his travels and of different languages not common in their town. Also on her voyage to find higher class people she ran across, Oola Rose. Her family was very magically gifted and even though they were so different they found a commonality between them, the disgust for the short lived races.

Teena, since she was 4 has had a fascination with swords. There were so many swords lying around the house from her father. Her parents soon learned that if they didn’t hide the swords they might come home to a 3 legged table and many a broken pla te. At the age of 20 when it was custom to choose your path of interest in the town she choose swordsmanship without hesitation. It came so natural to her she decided she was going to become a fighter. She chose to be a guardian fighter for her love to help others.

While talking with Horan about Her upcoming trip of Rumspringa he told her that she needed to decide who’s guardian I was going to be. It is customary that fighters choose one physically inept companion, to shield them and help them survive. The choice was simple, Oola.


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