Lady Red Hood

Halrua Red Hood's father, Lord Adrian Hood, was a cruel and vile man. Their keep, the center of power for several dozen miles around it, had a torture room in the basement, a wicked affair of rusted iron and bloodstained leather. Hallrua often stayed awake at night, unable to sleep, listening to the screams of the tortured, often young women from the surrounding countryside.

The peasants revolted, as peasants are want to do when the nobles go too far. Her father was hung, and in less than two hours she went from being the heir of a sizable fortune to a street urchin. She left through the secret passages she had memorized since her birth, and into the city on the hill below. There she stowed away in a caravan headed to Hlondeth in Vilhon Reach, to begin her new life.

She was quick, even for a halfling, and this combined with grace she possessed made her a natural canidate for the position of petty theif. She seperated from the guild early on, and made her career as a freelancer for people who wouldn't want their thefts to be traced back to the very complete ledgers at the guild. Eventually this turned to darker work: assassination. She posed as an escort, for those men who liked little women, and when she got into their chambers she would retrieve two very carefully hidden daggers from her bodice and kill them. It's easy to kill an unarmed man, just not very pleasant.

Eventually though, she got caught, the client having put up too much of a struggle and splattering her with blood. The guards moved in to make the arrest, but she moved away faster, out of the city and out of the region. When she crossed the other side of the Vilhon Reach she was greeted by a pack of goblin, and was close to death from fighting them off when she was saved by a group of adventurers.

She took up with them, and through several adventures were able to change her ways. Specifically, the group's cleric, Jissibix Hardfoot, the group's cleric, and a fellow halfing. An attraction was there, and a relationship began. He was kind and knowing, and introduced her to Brandobaris, a halfling god. Sadly, on a mission from the lord to deal with the orc population they were all killed but her. From there she started wandering.

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