Khemed Cor Morak S Journal

Entry 1
This is my first entry into this journal. I have decided to write a journal to remember the adventures I have undertaken. Also it will be used to jot down thoughts about the adventures I am on.

Entry 2
Looking back on my time here in Dragon's Run I realize just how much I learned. We have been on many missions for the Lord, and a few for ourselves, and I have honed my skills with magic a lot. I can feel the Power within me grow. I understand more and more what it is the most powerful wizards strive for. The energy that courses through my body when I cast a spell is incredible and exhilarating. No non-caster could know what it is like to feel the power flow through you. The fighters are just a bunch of mindless people who swing at anything that moves. Sorcerers are cowards, given there magic, they have no respect for the work it takes to be a true spell caster. Those dumb Paladins who follow there God are almost as bad as the fighters.

Entry 3
The newest design for the keep is quite exquisite and will take much time to complete. The spell casting alone will take forever. But it will be worth it because we will have added protection and a place to enrich the minds of fellow spell casters. The Mage Tower is very nice and should be useful in the time to come.

Entry 4
The keep has taken a long time and many castings to finish but it is done. I am glad Windsong came along or I would have been casting for the rest of my life. Windsong is an interesting character. He is a human with and elven name. Weirder yet he is a white robe (I dislike white robes) from, of all places Halruaa, plus he is very willing to share magic. Of course these are probably the reasons he was kicked out of Halruaa.

Entry 5
Searching for this renegade has taken more time then I expected. He nearly got all of us, multiple times, in single attacks when his assassins ambushed us, especially when we were leaving the Inn. I hope we can be rid of him soon because it is really starting to get on my nerves. I am just glad I could teleport all of us to safety before I was taken down also. They laugh at me for being a spell caster and not being able to fight well with melee but who is laughing now.


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