Khemed Cor Morak's Bio

As a young boy I was always fascinated by magic. The way you could defend yourself without shield and attack without sword intrigued me. I had always wanted to become a wizard of high arcane power but my family was too poor to afford a spell book so I went without working on the farm with dad. However I would go to town whenever I heard there was a wizard in town and I would watch them for hours as they performed magic for money. I also studied any book I could find on the Art of magic. My parents allowed me to do this because they hoped I would eventually get bored of them and would grow out of this “phase”. I never did, to the disappointment of my parents because they knew I had this hole inside that couldn’t be filled without magic. When I was about 15 my parents and I went on a trip to a large city where they had many temples. One temple was the temple of Azuth. I had heard of Azuth and was greatly intrigued about his power. So while in the city one night I wandered away from the inn and visited the temple. There I met an elderly man in robes who had long white hair and a long white beard. He stood tall for his age and you could see the knowledge in his eyes. His name was Palin. I talked to Palin for a long time, he was very patient with me and all of the questions I had. I found out that Palin was one of the oldest wizards at this temple. After a few hours I told him I had to go but he told me to wait a moment while he got something for me. After ten minutes of waiting Palin returned, looking very serious and said “I something to give you, but only if you will pledge your life to the devotion of Azuth and spend the next few years at the temple. He will teach you many lessons some will be harder than others but I am sure you can handle it.” Then he reached into his robes and pulled out a book. I asked what the book was for and he told me it was a spell book and it was for me if I would agree to the terms. I said yes without thinking, but he asked me if I shouldn’t first ask someone else if I could. I said yes I should ask my parents and told him I would be back again soon with my answer.

When I asked my parents I could tell they didn’t really want me to because I was the oldest boy on the farm and was the biggest help but they knew that saying no would crush me and I would probably go into a depressed state for a while. Also the teaching at the temple was free and so was the spell book so it cost them nothing to let me go. They agreed to let me stay. Later that morning I went back to the temple and spoke with Palin and he was happy to here I could stay.

I spent the next 4 years working on my spells and the knowledge of the world. I learned many spells during my time and could cast a few of the each day with study. Palin was my main teacher because he was the one who ask me to join. Many of the other students thought there was no way I would make it because I was just a farm boy but by the end was showing them all I could do it as well as they could if not better. Just after my 19th birthday Palin approached me and told me it was time for me to go out into the world and use my knowledge. It was he who set me up with this job in the Lake of Steam.


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