At the young age of 20 Hyuga set out for fun, for adventure, for power. He had little success at first, wandering between groups, never being good with weapons he could never get a good position in any fighting force. He attempted to move into the magical arts, but he never much felt for the regulations put upon them. Everywhere he went, he couldn't do what he wanted without having to deal with some regulation or some other bureaucracy. Finally he had taken enough and just wandered off alone, looking for some alternative.

Several years later he returned from who knows where, but he no longer needed a path, he had gained some power, and now he wanted more. With his new found power over the element of chaos, he could do almost anything he wanted, and most often did, causing him to be an outcast from most of society. As he gained more power, he never noticed the power had a penalty, until the price was noticeable to all. The powers of chaos had turned him into some sort of dark being, people feared him and believed him to be evil based on this aura of darkness and the chill of death about him. From being an outcast of society, he was now an enemy to most of it. He had come to a realization about the dangers of his power.

Now his lust for power had subsided, and he had only one goal, to find some way to reverse chaos's hold on him. He would do whatever it takes to find an answer.


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