Henry Jones III

Henry Jones III is an explorer of the highest caliber. Henry hails form the Lands of Intrigue where wealth and precious antiquities are regarded most sacred. However, Henry and his father, Henry Jones Jr., are far more interested in treasures from an archeological and historical standpoint. The Jones’ mission is to acquire historically significant items from all over the world to be put on display in their friend’s museum in Waterdeep, at least that is their excuse. The Jones’ are obtainers of rare antiquities, sometimes the word “rare” can mean that these items perhaps are just legend and do not really exist. The Jones’ find these items just to prove that they really do exist.

The Jones’ are highly regarded in their native lands, and have connections in all areas. When they’re not off searching for items of great worth they are both professors in a school in Amn. Henry Jones Jr. is a professor of religious history/mythology. Henry Jones III is a professor of archeology and has vast knowledge in this area. The methods they use in obtaining the treasures they seek are often a little unorthodox and always dangerous. Their exploits often require them to traverse dungeons of great peril, for this reason Henry Jones III is also and incredibly skilled dungeoneer.

Unfortunately humans have relatively short life spans and due to such; Henry Jones Jr. has become too old to continue adventuring. He now focuses on his teaching back in Amn. However, his son is still ready to go out and explore more. So he went adventuring by himself. In his adventures he made a friend in a half elf named Malenor MacDuff. They made a good team and together explored many dungeons. After a few years MacDuff left to pursue a different path. However, Henry has recently been contacted by MacDuff, it appears as though a position for an experienced adventurer has just opened up.

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