Gulmoore was born into slavery; the product of a vicious plunder, rape and subsequent murder of a small northern human village by a tribe of wild orc. When the large group of war like orc, some 50 soldiers, raided the small village of around 30 total humans they killed all but the 6 or so human females they found the most attractive. The children born of these crimes were treated poorly as young and put to hard labor at the age of 6 or 7. Of the 10 half orc children born Gulmoore was one of only 3 to survive past the age of 12.

By the time Gulmoore reached 16 years he was fully grown and had grown very large. He was 6’7” and heavily muscled due to all of manual labor he’d done over his bleak years of life. At one point in his 16th year of life Gulmoore was given a new challenge to overcome. An orc in the tribe was accused of a crime punishable by means of death (as most crimes judged as punishable by orcs are). The orc could prove his innocence if he were able to kill a slave in hand to hand combat. The slave chosen to face him was Gulmoore. Gulmoore showed an incredible ability to end life in that fight and thus began his career as a pit fighter.

Gulmoore won fight after fight, not only against other orcs, but also against humans and other humanoids. When the orcs raided a village they began to take prisoner the biggest and strongest men they could find to face Gulmoore in bloody combat. Gulmoore never lost a match. For his efforts Gulmoore was paid in food, he was allowed to eat anyone he killed. Four years Gulmoore fought in the pit, and after four years his victories could not easily be counted.

One day the orcs decided to bring Gulmoore to a competing tribe of orcs to face their greatest champion. On the way there, Gulmoore decided it was time for him to be rid of his orc owners. Gulmoore’s captives were well aware of his physical prowess, but they were not aware of his mental ability. Gulmoore rarely spoke and therefore was regarded as dim witted. It was this underestimate that allowed Gulmoore his easy escape on the road to the other orc tribe.

After easily slaying his armed and armored captives with his bare hands he took all they had on them (which was quite a substantial amount of money that was going to be wagered on the fight) and retreated into the woods to try and find a new life for himself. Gulmoore had no sense of who he was, but he knew he hated the evil orcs whom he had lived with for the past 20 years. Gulmoore has a good heart and a good nature. Unfortunately all he has ever known is death and evil.

Using the money he had taken from the orcs he bought three things. He bought his own set of armor and a beautiful shield, his weapon of choice. He bought formal training in the ways of being a true fighter. He also bought forged documents regarding his history. Using these documents, and a few gold placed in the right pockets, Gulmoore was able to land a position with the honor guard in the city of –whateveritscalled-.

Peculiarities – Gulmoore is very quiet. He is good natured but is prone to having chaotic streaks due to his violent and abusive background. He has a great hatred for orcs and will often destroy any he meets without question or second thought. His ultimate goal is to hunt down and kill every last member of the tribe that raised him. Gulmoore is very remorseful of all the human lives he took in his years as a pit fighter and will often go out of his way to try and protect his human companions out of a great feeling of guilt. He feels a connection with the outcast nature of other half orcs and also half elves. He feels rather indifferent to other races. After living 20 years with no one to call his friend Gulmoore has a tendency to become fiercely loyal to anyone who would call themselves his companion or stand beside him in battle. It is in situations where his companions are in danger that Gulmoore forgets his good nature and shows his true chaos as he attempts any and all possible means to protect his friends. Gulmoore is reluctant to tell people, especially humans, about all those that he has killed. He is not proud of all the blood he has spilled and even less proud of the blood he has consumed in the acts of cannibalism he was forced to commit to survive. Gulmoore feels he must help and protect others, again especially humans, to make up for his atrocities in his earlier years.

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