The inhabitants of Gralton consist almost entirely of people who have fled the ongoing revolution (some would say anarchy) in Galt. Many of those who have fled to Gralton are the old nobility of Galt. Deposed and fallen from grace, they desperately seek any means to regain what they have lost, be it by sponsoring counter-revolutionary activity, or sending parties of hapless adventurers back into Galt to search for family heirlooms left behind in the rush to escape the guillotine's blade. As the desperation of the deposed nobility grew, Gralton began to attract con-artists and tricksters. These tried to hustle the desperate nobility by offering quick fixes and false hope. The town has two notable temples: one to the drunken hero deity, Cayden Cailean, the other to the Vengeful Sting, Calistria. In fact, many suspect the people of Gralton to be possessed by some spirit of Calistria. So bent on vengeance against Galt are they, that many see divine intervention in their hate-filled eyes.
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