Glewiel Dy Nesh

Glewiel Dy'Nesh, a young elf seeking purpose, found herself in tragedy at a young age. Her hometown in Chandalwood was massacred by a ruthless band of Orcs. At the time, she had been studying the ways of the ranger as an apprentice to her teacher and good friend, Aramil Gladearrow. He brought her out into the forest each morning to show and teach her about herbs, and how they could be used both medically and on the battlefield.

It was on one silent, foggy night, Glewiel was awoken to the town alarm horns. The town was instantly lit up with candle light in every window. Glewiel rushed downstairs to don her combat equipment, but Laryllan, her father burst in and told her to get out of the city. Glewiel was resistant but eventually forced out by her father. She followed the other women and children to the outskirts of town and watched in terror as the orcs raided the city. The orcs crushed their way through the front gate and began their merciless slaughter. Glewiel's father was in the treetops firing down with his bow when an arrow struck him in the leg. Laryllan lost his balance and fell to his unfortunate, but glorious death. Glewiel's mother, Uruviel was also in the city for she was on priest duty that night. Glewiel was worried what might come of her. Faelandel, Glewiel's husband to be, decided at birth, was at the front gate when the orcs charged through. There was no hope for him to survive against a force like that, he was slain in the first minute of the attack.

Glewiel was watching her entire life go to ruin before her very eyes, she was heartbroken and wept the whole time the city was being raided. In the morning when the combat was over, everyone re-entered the town in tears. Glewiel found her mother brutally beaten to death in the priest temple. Her father was mangled in a tree below where he had fallen from. And only Faelandel's head was recovered from the front gate. She returned home broken and lonely until she opened the door to her home. She heard a very familiar voice from the other room. She rushed in and clasped Aramil tightly and cried out. Even Aramil, one of the high templar of the city was very battered and wounded. Glewiel immediately began mending his wounds. Aramil explained to Glewiel that the orcs were not acting as they usually would in a battle. They seemed in a blood frenzy, as if they had nothing to lose but their head. Even when mortally wounded, they kept fighting and raging on, until there was no blood left to drive their rage.

After a month of bed rest and healing, Aramil and Glewiel left the city in search of the horde that attacked their city in hopes of finding the reason why they attacked. But while they journeyed, the two were caught up in many binds, unfortunately, the last one took the life of Aramil. They were passing under a mountain when they encountered an ancient beholder of great strength and power. It took just one wrong step and Aramil wasn't prepared for the beam of energy hurdled toward him by the beholder. Aramil's skin began to fade to a near black as he watched in terror. He screamed for Glewiel to run and soon after, he fell into a pile of soot and dust. Glewiel was horrified and sprinted away as fast as possible.

Glewiel persisted, even though fatigued and running low on food and supplies. When she was about to give up all hope, she saw a town in the distance. She made her way to the town eventually. When she had finally reached town, she headed straight for the inn. After she rested up for a day and ate, she equipped herself with the best she could afford. While sitting in the tavern, she was approached by a couple of dwarves and was asked, as politely as dwarves could, if she would be willing to aid their town. Glewiel agreed as she had nowhere else to go but to wander aimlessly in the wilderness searching for the foul orcs that raided her hometown an age ago. The three of them arrived in Dragons Run just in time as the gates were closing. Glewiel was shown her barracks and told a little about the town and was told to wait for further instructions.


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