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It’s Leela Glitters here reporting for the Neverwinter Beat. Today I had the pleasure of sitting down with the cow bell sensation that is taking Faerun by storm. Yes, I am talking about Gik Son of Dolf. He has shared the details of the gritty life of a traveling musician.

Glitters: Where is your hometown?
Gik: I have a permanent room in the upstairs a the Horse Trough. That is the closest thing that I call a home.

Glitters: Do the people back home support you?
Gik: Considering that my mother was an Orc raped by a human pirate, I was never really supported by the tribe. My presence in the camp was barely tolerated, I was always the weakest, so for a people that put strength as the primary factor in a person's worthiness, I was pathetic.

Glitters: What first got you interested in Cowbell music?
Gik: It all actually started when learning to crawl. I would find my way into my mother’s dishes and I would take a wooden spoon and beat on a steel mug that she always kept in the back. It was a rusty old mug that was dented. It was my grandfather’s mug that he used when he would go to the Elders Meetings in the mead hall. (Gik bends over rummaging in his sack and pulls out the mug that he was talking about.) When I left home my mother gave me this to help me on my way and remind me of home.

Glitters: How long have you been playing the Cowbell?
Gik: I didn’t receive my first cowbell till I was about eight years old. Some of the other boys and I had gone out “raiding” and returned home with some farmer’s heifer. After we grabbed her from the paddock I cut the bell off her and pocketed the bell. I told the other boys it was so the farmer couldn't follow us by the sound of it, but really it was because I couldn't believe the beautiful sounds it made.

Glitters: Who taught you the Cowbell?
Gik: Kroon Bellow Lungs the tribes War Crier taught me the basics of rhythm and music, but the cowbell itself is straight from the soul. There can be no teaching of something that so pure and full of love.

Glitters: How much of the day would you say you spend practicing?
Gik: I tap out a rhythm when ever inspiration arises. I don’t have a set “practice” but, I would say I get in a good 4 hours a day when I am on the road. When I’m not on tour some days I will sit at the beach by myself and play all day.

Glitters: So, artistically, what are some of your biggest influences?
Gik: Life itself is my biggest inspiration. The rhythm of a child crying and gasping to the creaking of a sign outside of the Inn on a windy night. I do take inspiration of my people though, the Salty Ballads of my father, and the chanting and crying of my mother’s tribe.

Glitters: You seem to connect well with your audience, do you have a favorite song to perform live?
Gik: There is one particular song that I have learend in my travels, of a spirited people that live vicarously and drink heartily, I think if I settled down that would be one group I could live with. The song that comes to mind is a favorite of mine to sing toward the end of a evening of revelry. it’s, Fuck you, I’m drunk!

Glitters: Have you found that your race has made it harder for you to find success?
Gik: It sure hasn’t made it easy. I can’t think of anyone who would want to hear the kind of music that my mother’s people would make. Their music, war chants and battle cries, strikes fear into the hearts of villagers across Faerun. That is the first hing that comes to mind when people first see me, no one see the blood of my father running through my veins, I am just another dumb Orc to them.

Glitters: How was your relationship with your parents growing up?
Gik: My mother loved me dearly and raised my by herself. My father was a dead beat. He raided our tribe, took slaves, killed looted and raped my mother. He hasn’t stopped back for a visit since.

Glitters: What, would you say, is the overall message of your music?
Gik: Take time and take notice of everything around you. There is music and beauty in every action.

Glitters: How do you get so many sounds out of a Cowbell?
Gik: I’m not sure how I am able to do it. I get inspiration and I go with it.

Glitters: What are your favorite venues to play in? Bars? Big stages? Concert halls?
Gik: Ha, good one. You think that societies privileged would stoop so low as to sit and listen to an Orc in Alustriel’s Theatre or have me to play a charity event in Pieablo Ricaso’s art gallery? Huh, I play in taverns, Inns and battlefields. Those are the places my music is appreciated. My favorite venue would have to be this little dive bar in Calimshan, called the Horse Trough. It’s full of all sorts of people, hookers, murderers, merchants, musicians, drunks. The most important part though is they are all there to forget about the outside world and to live it up with each other. It also helps there is a big titted mama that owns it, and she’s also a half orc. Massive green tits like you wouldn’t believe, kinda reminds me of my mum. That’s not weird is it?
Glitters: No, not at all……….

Glitters: Well um anyway, next question. All this armor you wear and guns you carry. Is that just a look or are you a real bad ass?
Gik: Leela I am insulted that you have to ask this. Of course it’s not for looks. You know I travel with the Left Hand Band wronging rights, and stepping on the little people. You can’t live the life that I do, and just act it out. Next question, and let’s hope it’s not as insulting as this one.

Glitters: How's your love life? Do you find it hard getting women when you're so ugly? Or does your talent make up for it?
Gik: Wow insult to injury, first you ask me if I am a fake and now you call me ugly. I expected better of you.

Glitters: What's the most common response you get when you tell people you're a Cowbell player?
Gik: I have grown accustomed to the pitied look that a person gives to a mentally retarded child trying to like her own elbow.

Glitters: Year after year you seem to get overlooked at the Waterdeep All Music Awards (WAMA's); how do you feel about that?
Gik: Well cowbell music is a very small Niche as far as i can tell. It is usually just an accompaniment, rather than the music itself, so I have never heard another cowbellist. It also doesn’t help that I don’t spend a lot of time at home trying to spread the love of my micro-genre.

Glitters: Do you think you'll win a WAMA sometime soon?
Gik: Unless there is a massive shift in music in the near future I doubt it. Although Last year I did get a Kudos from Ivan Red, the lead singer of the Luskaneers.

Glitters: So many popular musicians seem to either embrace or battle with drug abuse. Do you find yourself in either of these positions?
Gik: I find that a good mug of mead goes a long way to relaxation and having a good time. If you hang with the right people drugs are never an issue that you have to deal with. I don’t find that I spend a lot of time in direct contact with the musical world, so that influence isn’t there.

Glitters: Do you have any hobbies besides music?
Gik: Travel. I love to travel and see all the sights of the world. I like to experience the cultures that are out there. They make you a more rounded person and also make you a more rounded musician. Having a good group of friends makes travel a lot more enjoyable. I am not sure that I would travel as much as I do if it wasn’t for them.

Glitters: What's your most embarrassing experience?
Gik: One night I was doing a show in the Horse Trough and I had way to much to drink in between sets. I ended up cluelessly finishing the night without my pants on, although I had no idea why my music suddenly had taken a comical flare, but I went with it since the audience seemed to be enjoying it.

Glitters: What are your hopes for the near future?
Gik: Honestly, I live life from day to do trying to experience everything there is. I don’t look into the future, so I am not sure what my hopes may be. Unless your hinting at something……?

Glitters: Well……..I think this about wraps up the interview portion. Gik thank you for taking the time to talk with me, I was glad to hear about your insights and life.

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