Roslyn Starr

Even as a child I knew what was wrong and what was right. It didn’t matter If it was mom dad little Tomas next door or the priest at the shrine. I knew when they did wrong and I would let them know they did wrong. I was raise to speak right, behave according to the rules of the gods that we paid homage to and above else listen to mother and father. As I grew one could say i became obsessed with doing right. Not just the right though that the law man would crack down on but the right of the church. It started with teachings at the shrine. Just the simple teachings of a child, but they got me thinking and trying to apply them to all situations in life. I still listened to mother and father, but I would let them know when they were going against the teachings of the church. At first they were proud that I was learning. Then it turned to irritation. And finally it turned into beatings for ‘speaking back.’ This didn’t slow me down in my back talk so finally my parents had enough by the age of 8 and made a tithe of me to the local monastery where I would be allowed to be brought up in the ways of the gods. The monks there were fairly amazed that I had memorized all the teachings of Andoletta. Like my parents though this soon wore on them as they didn’t follow all the teachings accordingly. Rather than beat me they made me do penance at the age of 10. I was to take a vow of silence until I turned. In honor of Andoletta I took this vow seriously and barely even sneezed let alone spoke. On my 18th birthday The vow was lifted. Rather than speak I continued the silence. I packed my bags and walked out of the monastery without saying a word. I thought if I could find my way to a bigger temple my services could be better appreciated. I found my way to Koravos and to a temple of Andoletta. They welcomed me with open arms. Rather than shun me for my faith they employed my natural talents in rooting out those who are enemies of the faith or just those who are paying lip service to Andoletta and reaping the rewards of the temple.

I am the investigator of truth.
I am the bringer of Respect,
I am the shoulder of Compassion,
I am the defender of the faith,
I am the voice of Andoletta,
I am the Champion,

No mortal ruling shall stand in my way.

Stat Sheet

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