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Re: The Great Race
EltempEltemp 06 Feb 2016 04:09
in discussion LHB / Gaming » The Great Race

A few Strokes before High Noon, the Eclipse was about to begin. As the ring master sauntered out into the dust and exhaust with a megaphone in her hand she gave a wicked grin that would turn any man jelly and turn a woman for the day. With that she held the megaphone up to her mouth, "Welcome all to the great race." A roar of applause followed. "The future historians have told of a major eclipse that would plunge us into complete darkness. We shall harness this power and race in darkness at high noon. Now I want a great race. There is no way that anyone here showed up to watch a clean race. I expect there to be very little sportsmanship and much wreckage. The gods shall be appeased with your actions, or none of us will die in the light!" At this point only half the sun was visible and a small dust storm was forming in the distance.

"Now at my mark the race shall begin. " Suddenly echoing over the crowd there was music playing. It was a familiar tune that everyone knows as a child. It brings anticipation, since a child doesn't know when it will pop. A vision of a jack-in-the-box forms in your minds, and then……….POP goes the weasel. The cars took off in a cloud of spraying gravel and a dark eruption of exhaust. The Cowboys, Vince and Gill got a jump on everyone and are hoofing it in their lifted Cadie with long horns screaming out into the darkness. One can only assume they anticipated the pop and hit it early.

State your (2) actions if you want describing them and roll a 1d10(scouts honor cant figure out that german website) and post it.

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Re: The Great Race by EltempEltemp, 06 Feb 2016 04:09
Re: The Great Race
coldbladecoldblade 04 Feb 2016 20:45
in discussion LHB / Gaming » The Great Race

I will be representing the Sharp looking Japanese business men.

The men's names are Kenshin (The red-haired fellow), and Saito (the displaced black-man adopted by a Japanese family).

Kenshin originates from Kyoto, while Saito's origins are unknown, but has grown up in Tokyo. Both men work for a company named Oz, Inc. Both are Technical Administrators who work in the engineering branch of the company. The two men are bi-lingual, speaking both Japanese and English fluently.

Kenshin wakes up from his state of unconsciousness, "Nan desu ka?"
He looks around to find himself in a vehicle that appears to be straight out of an anime, only then to recognize it originates from his own company, the "Prototype Crusader: Perfect Lancer". He shakes Saito to wake him up.

Saito slurps up the long trail of drool oozing out of his mouth, "Nani? Doko desuka? Daredesuka?" He sits up situating himself in the passenger seat of the vehicle.

Kenshin: "Relax! What do you last remember?"

Saito: "Well, weren't we going to see a race or something?"

Kenshin: "Saito, I think we ARE in the race! Look around! There's others who appear to be in the same situation as us! Nantekotta i?"

The two sharp-looking Japanese business men look at each other in confusion of the situation they find themselves.

Re: The Great Race by coldbladecoldblade, 04 Feb 2016 20:45
Re: The Great Race
HorhayHorhay 04 Feb 2016 07:21
in discussion LHB / Gaming » The Great Race

If we create our own characters:

My date and I have become the smooth dancing, jive talking, token black couple! Dressed in '70s Soul Train's finest fashions with plenty of gold and solar eclipse worthy afros.

Re: The Great Race by HorhayHorhay, 04 Feb 2016 07:21
Re: The Great Race
HorhayHorhay 04 Feb 2016 07:02
in discussion LHB / Gaming » The Great Race

If we pick from the lineup, my date and I are definitely Doc Brown (me) and Marsha McFly (her). Aka, the Steampunk scientist and his assistant.

Re: The Great Race by HorhayHorhay, 04 Feb 2016 07:02
The Great Race Rules
EltempEltemp 03 Feb 2016 20:18
in discussion LHB / Gaming » The Great Race Rules

The Great Race

  1. Narrator moves the over all progress along only.
  2. You only have actual control of your own car and crew.
  3. Each day there will be a random event each person can decide how they want to over come it.
  4. a roll will be made to decide if how well they do with the event.
  5. Highest roller for that event moves them up or down.
  6. Total score decides rank in race.
  7. All rolls will be made on a recording website roller link will be provided

Choices for each event will be:
(1)Draft(Assist other): +1 roll to others roll, Ally chooses result
(2)Flyin' Solo: +0 to result, but can reroll and the second choice is kept
(1)Swerve(Hinder other): -1 roll to others roll, Ally chooses result (can't decrease below one roll)
(2)pit stop - Avoid threat only 1 per game, get average of all point to that event

Garner Friends and allies with choices made. You get to spend up to 2 points per event, but don't have to spend them all.

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The Great Race Rules by EltempEltemp, 03 Feb 2016 20:18
The Great Race
EltempEltemp 03 Feb 2016 20:05
in discussion LHB / Gaming » The Great Race
As usual this time of year the carnival comes to town. It is full of cheap tricks, saw dust stuffed taxidermied "mysteries of the universe", scam artists, greasy heart attacks in your choice of flavor, and even the occasional truck stop hooker looking for a little more up scale clientele.

"Why do we even come here?" Pausing to take a bite from something breaded that doesn't even resemble or taste like food. "I mean the games are rigged. At that last booth the ball I threw didn't even fit in the jar, it bounced back out and i had it lined up prefect."

"Oh relax and have a good time." She runs off to a tent with a sign over it that reads, The Race of All times.

"Step Right up ad venture in what you are about to experience will blow your minds, you will feel as if you are apart of the race. The sand blowing in your face, the exhaust of the car you right behind blowing into your lungs, and the heat of the engine almost in your lap as the cars strain to complete the race. Many enter, but there can only be one winner! all it takes is a fresh $5 bill to let you see the Race of All Times."

"Oh, let's go in this sounds fun!"

"Yeah, real fin they through sand into a fan and shoot it in your face while the tail pipe of a car is stuck in the tent running to give us all carbon monoxide poisoning." Of course you go in though, this is a date after all. Handing the guy a $10, he smiles as he holds open the tent door and lets you both in. Inside there is no else but you and a Map with a few photos around it. The photos were of the racers and their cars before the race started. Everyone looked hopeful but only one would win. On the map it showed the different check points of the rally that they would cover in their 12 day journey. The first leg was out of Lost Springs Headed to Lone Bank.

The Racers consisted of:

  • Two rugged looking American cowboys
  • A beautiful female movie star and her assistant
  • A wacked out looking steam-punk scientist and his student
  • Always to be represented the token transgender couple
  • Amazingly spry last Nazi officers almost in their death beds
  • Two gas masked dooms day peppers
  • Sharp looking Japanese business men
  • Two pygmy tribesmen
  • Two Midwestern soccer moms
  • Last, a mom and son from the Ozarks

"Really? This was all the hype?"

Just then you feel yourself go woozy and hit the ground. When you wake up Your in a car lined up with all the others at the race looking out over the wind swept dunes, Who are you?

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The Great Race by EltempEltemp, 03 Feb 2016 20:05
EltempEltemp 21 Dec 2015 02:51
in discussion LHB / Gaming » Handout

Reefs surround the Gloomspires, so big boats like the Pixie can’t get close. You’ll
need to use my magical folding rowboat.
At dusk, when the columns cease moving, make your way to the column containing
Sevenfingers’s tomb—it’s the one with the shipwreck wrapped around its base.
Climb aboard the wreck, and you’ll see a set of narrow stone steps that wind their
way to the top of the column. Once up top, find a way inside the tomb and then find
the Orb of Stars.
Thrennt’s log claims he hid the Orb in a side chamber connected to what he called
the ‘hall of the flesh eaters’ and then collapsed the entrance to keep it safe. So, I’m
giving you some picks and shovels since you might need to do some digging.
I’m certain there are multiple levels to this tomb, so keep good notes, and document
anything you find that might help future expeditions. Check around the top level,
but don’t go any deeper than you have to to find the Orb. Remember, you only have
three days to do this before the columns start moving again.
The Orb of Stars is a solid sphere made of a dull copper-colored metal inlaid with
dozens of star-shaped moonstones, rubies, and blue sapphires that mimic the stars
of the Cosmic Caravan.

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Handout by EltempEltemp, 21 Dec 2015 02:51

Parv, you go into the bedroom and find a first-aid kit hanging up on the wall. When you open it, you see that it's missing most of its contents; there's gauze, some bandages, band-aids, some alcohol wipes, ointment, and a pair of tweezers. As you're about to go back into the living room, you notice that the bedroom's window is slightly open. There is blood on the windowsill. Sitting on the floor next to it, unnoticed until now, are four severed fingers.

Holden and TJ, your reactions are noted.

Everyone, you hear a loud howl from outside the cabin. It seems to come from all around you. You sense it won't be long before Shia licks his wounds and returns. The lights in the cabin make it hard to see out into the woods; it's possible that Shia is staring at you even as you try to recover from his first attack.


I roll over crying and clutching my leg. "We need to block that window if we are going to make it till morning Maybe we can find a way to get my mom back up here to pick us up." Think the or couch will block the window? You know though you are going to have to do it, I am hurt you know….." Faiding off into silence as he just stares at his friends.

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Shaking like a kid who's just discovered masturbation, Holden grips the fire poker as tightly as that same metaphorical kid.

"WHAT THE ABSOLUTE FUCK!?" he screams, too petrified at present to help his friends.

As his heart slowly dips below "humminbird on meth" speeds, Holden regains presence of mind to close the door and lock. Then he looks next to it and, forlornly, notices the smashed open window.

"How the fuck do we keep him out?"

"Aww, man! I was winning that game!" Parv frowns a bit as he looks at the pieces of the boardgame spilled all over the floor. I put down the tire iron, and immediately begin searching for a first aid kit, so that I can help to bandage TJ's leg.

Holden, you swing your fire poker while the injured TJ is blinding Shia Labeouf. You connect with his testicles, and Shia howls in pain. It's a scream that rattles the windows and echos off the forest outside; inside the house, it leaves your ears ringing. (Parv, you see most of this happen.)

Shia bounds over the ruined couch, lands on the table, kicking your boardgame all over the place and getting blood everywhere, then makes a second haphazard leap through the window. The last image that's seared into your mind is Shia's ruptured scrotum, and the pale white testicle that was hanging out of it.

Silence and the smell of blood both fill the air. Greg's severed head lays on the ground.

What do you do?

Parv is ecstatic to find something of use in the trunk of Greg's car. He grabs the tire iron, and marches into the cabin, leaving the trunk open. Once he enters, he sees the Shia taking making a meal out of TJ's leg. Holden has grabbed the fire poker and winds up for a shot at Lebeouf. Parv stands at the ready, tire iron in a batter's pose, in case Holden's attack backfires. This dwarf does not want to get in the way and be tossed through another window.

Blood token: 4
The pain is way more than I would expect with my mind flashing to a long ago Futurama where the cow is brought out and the cut of meat removed from it. Is this what it would be like in a Moroccan cannibal tribe for slaves? Meat shaved off and the body kept alive rather than refrigerate or cure the meat. Reality snaps back as the pain is washing through my brain and I jam my thumbs into Shia's eye sockets, hoping to disable him at least temporarily, hoping his last level up didn't get him Improved blind fight for his feat. "Oh fuck my mother and her, you need to get out of the house and get some fresh air. GAAAAAAHHHHHHHH":

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Holden grabs the fire poker and stares in horror at the feral celebrity as he crawls toward TJ's fat, juicy leg. Possessed with the physical strength of a 13 year old Korean girl, Holden debates his next move quickly. A youth spent with his phony parents in phony country clubs has done some little good in preparing Holden for this moment. He stands behind the currently quadrupedal villain, squares his feet, and yells "FOOOOOOORE" as he gives his best golf swing right at Shia's dangly bits.

Parv, Greg's car is unlocked, and you quickly find the trunk release lever while you hear the sounds of things breaking inside the cabin. Inside the trunk is a spare tire, a tire iron, a car jack, a pair of scented candles, and a box of Magic: The Gathering decks.

Holden, Shia moves towards you and raises his hand … just in time to get squirted in the eyes by TJ's sunscreen. You manage to grab the fire poker.

TJ, you have temporarily saved Holden's life, but Shia has now turned his attention towards you. He drops to all fours and goes to sink his teeth into the flesh of your leg. Make a Blood roll. On a failure, Shia rips into you and takes some flesh. On a success, you're able to get away from him or hold him off (your choice - this will take your action).

Everyone, give me your next action (TJ, you skip your next action on a successful Blood Roll - you can voluntarily fail the blood roll if you think taking a bite from Shia will let you do something more useful than fending him off).

Blood tokens: 5
Blood Roll: 3

Taking only a little of the blows from the couch, mostly on the padded obese sections of his gut, TJ rolls over crying. Not use to dealing with any physical pain other than the occasional rash in a crease. He grabs the first thing his hand find and squirts his sun screen into Shia's eyes while laying on his back still.

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Parv goes to Greg's car and pulls on each door handle, checking if it is open. If a car door opens, he looks for a trunk release lever.

Holden looks up at Shia, then at the fire poker, then at Shia, then at the fire poker, then at Shia, then at the fire poker…… Each shift of gaze is punctuated by an orchestra hit ever increasing in intensity (at least in Holden's mind).

Summoning every ounce of his smoke and coffee fueled energy, Holden dives towards the fire poker.

Holden, the first thing that you spot is a fireplace (unlit); next to it is a fire poker. There's a fair amount of firewood too; you think you saw an axe around back when Greg showed you where the outhouse was. There are also various bits of broken couch around you, including wooden pieces from the frame. Other than that, there's a small kitchen, the table you were playing boardgames at and the chairs around it, and two armchairs. There's some glass on the floor from where Parv went sailing through the window. (Looking around can be done for free, so you can choose another action.)

Parv, to the east and west are other cabins; you saw the dirt roads leading to them on your way in. The one to the east has lights on, though you'll have to go through the woods to get to it. Greg's car is sitting in the driveway, though you have no idea what Greg did with the keys - they're either on a hook somewhere in the house, in the pocket of Greg's pants (wherever those are), or in with the bunk beds you were going to be sleeping on. The night air is cold. You hear a crashing sound from inside the house. (Looking around can be done for free, so you can choose another action.)

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