Feng Foesmasher

My name is Feng Foesmasher. I have traveled much of this land and have seen many things in my short years above ground. My clan lives in the Underdark. They mine the ground for metals and precious gems. They sell mostly to the Drow and the Duerghar which is why they are still alive. We would have been wiped out long ago if it weren’t for our ability to mine. The Drow let us live as long as we keep selling them our goods.

I know not how old I am because time is a trivial thing in the Underdark. I can tell you this much, though, I have been in the land of light for seven years. I have come to find many fear me not because of where I am from, for many know not where that would be, but because I am rather large and look different from anything they have seen before. Compared to humans I am only slightly taller and the same general build but beyond that the comparisons stop. I have fur on much of my body, long pointed ears and red eyes. Many take the eyes as a sign of evil but that is untrue. It comes from living in the pitch black of the Underdark, where admittedly many of the denizens are evil

I came to the land of light because I have heard stories of what it looked like and the many creatures there that do not have to kill to survive. As I said, I have seen much of this world and while it is beautiful in many areas I have not found many who do not kill to survive. Humans are the worst. They kill because they want to and they kill because they want more land. This is very similar to the Drow. I have stayed in the land of light because there is so much to do. There is much more to see here and the amount of land is staggering. The land goes on forever in every direction and I wish to see all of it.

In the seven years I have been in the land of light my eyes have adjusted. At first the light was blinding and it was hard to see. I moved at night for the first year while my eyes adapted. Over time I spent more and more time in the daylight. I make my money by helping carabvans as they move from city to city. I find myself in Gheldaneth in the regioin of Mulhorand simply because that is where I stopped for the time. Gheldaneth is a large city with many people to meet and see, so I will stay until I find a job that is going somewhere that sounds interesting.

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