Faolan Of Clan Kerr

The name is Faolan of clan Kerr. It means Wolf in the language of my people. My people stick together and we never leave anyone behind, except for me that is. My story started a few short months ago when Bran, my brother, and I were out hunting boars in the wood near our stronghold. Our adrenaline was up as the hounds were baying, they had cornered a boar and we were going in with our daggers to finish it off in hand to tusk combat. That’s when it all went wrong, the hounds stopped baying. In fact they started snarling and yelping. We rushed in thinking that the boar had raged and was gutting our dogs. We came around a thicket and rather than a boar being cornered it was a Welsh hunting party that had cornered the dogs. The dogs had fallen into a pit, and the Welsh were standing around it with long spears slowly finishing off our hounds. Bran was enraged at the site of the family hunting pack being slaughtered. He shouted at the Welsh and they turned startled. Seeing us out numbered they left the dogs alone and advanced toward us with their bloodied spears, cursing at us with racial slurs. Seeing the hostility from them, Bran and I turned to run. Bran tripped over a root that was sticking up from the ground and fell on his back. Terrified I kept running. I heard Bran scream. I slowed slightly and looked over my shoulder. Bran was still lying on his back with the shaft of a spear sticking out of his chest. Other welsh were stabbing at him over and over again till he stopped moving. They turned to give me chase. Despite not being fleet of foot I was able to run fast enough to get out of sight.

When I returned to my people they were outraged. Unfortunately most of the rage was directed at me. I had already been on the fritz with the family since I had taken to Roman Catholicism. There was a wandering missionary a year ago that came to Scafell Pike. I had taken to his teachings, which went against family and clan. My presence in the hold was barely permitted, when I abandoned kin in a time of need it was too much shame for the clan to bear. I was practically held down and shaved on the spot, and then I was told that I was to go and redeem myself. If I could prove to my people that I had received redemption for my disgrace then I was never to return for any circumstance.

I left with my face bright red, burning, and as bare as a new born human. I wandered for a short while following where the road would take me. I heard that the pope had opened the catacombs and was in need of someone strong of arm to cleanse them. I hoped that I would be able to find passage to the Vatican and unless I could find work on a ship headed that way I would need to find work. I came to Aylesbury where I was able to find odd work and get board above a magicians shop. I made a few friends with the other guys who did odd work around town and with the apprentice who helped the magician create his magic items.

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