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We play D&D 3.x. In other words we pick and choose which rules we like from both 'editions'. This allows us to use our extensive collection of books even though Wizards thought that a few rules needed to be changed between editions. Just recently we have started giving 4.0 a shot and for the most part we reverted back to 3.x The current fad we are playing though is less high fantasy and more fantasy steam punk and alternate history steam punk. We also enjoy an occasional game of WFRP 2nd edition and have dabbled in Cthulu. We are up to trying any roleplaying game if someone will run it.

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Online Game: Not sure we are ever going to have another one. Open RPG is too glitchy, people don't show up and WOTC doesn't seem to be able to program theirs, and if it comes out will probably be glitchy as all hell.
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Tuesdays: We no longer get to game on Tuesday nights.
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

  • PHB II comes out today. Happy St. Patrick's day.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

  • Too much player and DM created material is made for games and tossed on the way side. I have made a section for us to put our game materials that we make about characters or anything to go with that game. Right now i have it just linked to where it was posted on the forum or the individual page created for that.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Monday, October 6, 2008

House Rules (3.x)

These are the rules we believe to be house rules, some go unnoticed until a new player arrives to our group. They are also just a general idea of the rules we use but are subject to change based upon the DMs preference.

  • Dying: When you drop below 0hp you need to make a Fortitude save of DC 15 to stabilize or loose 1hp. For every 5 hp bellow -10 the fort check increases by 1. Once you stabilize you need to continue to make the save or destabilize resulting in a loss of 1hp for consecutive failures until you are dead or stabilize. Minimum hit points before death is -10 or 1/4 of your maximum hit points, which ever is greater.
  • Cure Light Wound Potions grant 1d8+3 healing since it requires lvl 3 to create them, but they still cost 50g.
  • Keen and Improved Critical Stack. (If you want to spend the feat and the gold then it's your call)
  • Bandoleers and Potions: If you have a potion in your bandoleer it is a free action to get the potion and then half a round to drink it, but you still take attacks of opportunity that may apply.
  • Perception: We have combined spot and listen into one skill. This incorportaes all senses rather than just two.
  • Stealth: To account for the above Perception we have combined move silently and hide into one skill. This incorportaes all senses rather than just two.
  • Flanking: As long as a line can be drawn between two allies and is going through the square of an opponent.be made from point A to point B.
  • Charging: You can charge in a 'straight' line as long as there is no obsticle in your way. This means you don't have to follow the grid system of a map since this is just a game aid and not the only way a straight line can
  • Power Attack: We use the 3.5 version of power attack.
  • Firing into Melee: If you miss the intended target by 4 or less you hit an ally in melee.
  • Massive Damage: Massive Damage occures when a player takes 50 points of damage or 50% of their hp from a singular attack/spell. The check to be made will start st 15 and increase by 1 for every 10 damage taken above 50.
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