Crimson Throne: Week 1 Synopsis

Nov. 10, 2013


After mysteriously obtaining harrow cards with a note written on the back, Alzhan, Roslyn, Chavo and Hogger all made their way to 3 Lancet Street in the Midland district of Korvosa. They were brought together through a common tie, and link to a local crime lord named Gaedren Lamm. When all of the adventurers arrived, they were met by a Varisian fortune-teller named Zellara. She told them of her connection to Gaedren, and how her son was murdered by his thugs. The adventurers agreed to help bring Gaedren to justice, and so Zellara marked the location of the Old Fishery on a map for them, located just north of her place at Westpier 17. She performed a Harrow reading for the group, free of charge.

The information Zellar gave the group about the Old Fishery indicated that the fish business was really a front for Gaedren's illegal activities of enslaving orphaned children, and forcing them to work, and pickpocket. Chavo and Roslyn decided to scout the place out after they were closed around 10 pm. Roslyn walked up and knocked on the door, while Chavo hung back inspecting the area. Roslyn's knocks were met with dog barks, and a man yelling for them to come back in the morning. Chavo and Roslyn returned to the group at Zellara's place, and decided that they would make their move directly tonight.

The group made their way to the Old Fishery, the supposed location of Gaedren Lamm. They noticed a door off to the side of the building, down a level. Chavo picked the lock and opened the door to notice a large warehouse room, with a couple dozen hammocks on the far wall, with children in them. Many were peering at the intruders, scared, and anxious. Alzhan yelled to the children for them to go free. With that, about two dozen children rushed out of their hanging beds, and pushed their way through the door and past the group of adventurers to get away. The group had just entered the room as they were greeted by a mean-looking dog, a gnome, a half-orc, and a human. Battle broke out amongst the two groups, ending with all of Gaedren's thugs dead. They explored the fishery almost in full, until they noticed an underpier location. They lowered Alzhan down, and due to his heavy armor, he slipped down halfway into the water. A jigsaw shark waited below, and began biting at him, though never penetrated his armor. Roslyn took aim and successfully killed the shark with a well placed shot from her bow. The team made their way to the underpier dock, and into the underbelly of the Old Fishery. Here they found an open room with trash, broken equipment, and raggy clothes strewn about the room, as well as an open floor to the water below. On the far side of the room, there looked to be another room. The group ventured over and as Hogger kicked in the door, Gaedren was at the ready with his hand crossbow, and popped off a shot into Hogger. Being that Gaedren was a feeble old man, the group made quick work of him. But as they seemed victorious, an enraged alligator charged out of the opening in the floor, biting, and grappling Roslyn. The fight was back on, and Roslyn broke free of the alligator's grasp through use of her spell Break Bonds. They then proceeded to kill the alligator.

With Gaedren dead, the group searched the room, obtaining many rich treasures. But of note, in a hatbox on top of Gaedren's dresser, they found Zellara's decapitated head, and her harrow deck. Roslyn determined the head has been dead for weeks, bringing into question who they had just talked to at this Zellara's home just earlier tonight. Another item of note they had found, is a overly jeweled brooch with a broken clasp. After inspection of this particular item, Chavo had appraised the brooch at 1000 gp, and they realized that it was actually the property of Queen Ileosa herself.

What happened to Zellara, and who did they talk to earlier? What should the adventurer's do with the very expensive brooch belonging to Queen Ileosa?

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