Crimson Throne Handout 1

Handout 1:


David: As Alzhan patrols the merchant docks, late into a shift, something grabs his attention. What looks to be a card of some sort seems to have manifested itself on the dock, roughly 30 feet away. He had been over the area once before and never noticed it, or anyone else within the area for at least an hour prior. Alzhan walks over and snatches up the card before a gust of wind blows it away. As he inspects the card, he realizes this is a Harrow Deck card, a Varisian fortune-telling prop. This card is one he is familiar with, The Fiend. As he is about to put it in his pocket, he notices something written on the back of the card:

Matt: One night, while deep in your studies, you sense something is amiss. You're not sure what it is, but if history serves you well, you know when you get that feeling, something is out of place in your workspace. As you are focusing intently on the book you have open on your desk, you try to ignore this feeling. But it keeps nagging at you, distracting you. With that, you close the book, and put it aside, to search for the discrepancy. You stand up out of your chair, turn around, and scan the room, checking over in your mind where everything ought to be. Just then, you notice something by the windowsill, a mind-puzzle you had while growing up is scrambled, and unfinished. From last you can recall, you had finished it, but you walk over and finish it in a couple of moves anyway, just to make everything right in your workspace again. You return to your desk, pull the book to you, open it to the last page you were on, and you find yourself looking at a Harrow Deck card. Facing up peering at you is the harrow card known to fortune-tellers as The Owl. As you pick it up to inspect it, you notice there is something written on the back of the card:

Travis: The markets of Korvosa are a bustling avenue of common-folk, nobles, and the despicable alike. You find yourself in between these social structures, making your way through life in the only way you know how: utilizing your rogue skills as a means of income. Navigating a busy market, one is bound to run into people, be easily distracted, and lose track of items in your possession. However, you are typically the one who finds himself under new ownership of others' lost belongings. After a few hours of working the market, you return to your home to sort through the loot you obtained during the day. Emptying your pockets, you are happy to find a couple "gold sails", some "silver shields", scented oils, and a tiny vial of "shiver". Placing this stuff on the table, you reach back into your pocket and pull out a card. Vexed by this find, you proceed to inspect the card. It is a Harrow Deck card, used by fortune-tellers; it looks old and well-used. Upon further inspection, you realize by coincidence, the card is The Locksmith. To your further astonishment, the back of the card contains a hand-written note, and one of particular interest to you, as it mentions Gaedren Lamm:

Lloyd: You find yourself at the Jeggare's Jug tavern, in Old Korvosa district, with a couple of buddies. You are sharing stories, laughing, and going on about your jobs. All of a sudden, your attention shifts to a tavern patron who seems to have been thrown onto your table, spilling all of your drinks. The drunk man is a bloody mess, as a brawl breaks out. You get caught up in the tussle, fending for yourself with whatever you can turn into a weapon. Eventually, the brawl dies out. Bar brawls are fairly common here, and little is done to stop them, as they never seem to get too destructive. You, and your comrades return to your table, and spilled drinks. While picking up the mess to move to the end of the table, so that the barmaid can clean it up as she goes around, you notice something in your tankard as you grasp it. Pulling it out, you realize that it is a varisian fortune-teller's Harrow Deck card. Right away you notice the hand-written note on it. After reading it and turning it over, you recognize the face of the card as The Brass Dwarf:

Tyler: You are out for a day of shopping, a relatively uneventful time. As you are returning home, you realize you had taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way, and the alleyways become almost too silent. You know right away, that this is a bad sign, and you must be in a bad part of town. Just then, three thugs walk out from behind a cart to greet you. Gangs are not illegal in Korvosa, as long as they pay heavy taxes. You realize you are in trouble, and start to panic, looking for an escape plan. As the thugs lunge at you, a cloaked figure drops down in front of you. In three quick jabs, the assailants drop wounded to the ground. The masked man grins at you, and runs off. Startled, you realize this was Blackjack, Korvosa's rebellious vigilante. As you look down at the injured men, you notice a card laying on the ground where Blackjack had landed before. Picking it up, you inspect it to find it is a Harrow Deck card, of the icon The Uprising, on the back side of the card, you find a hand-written note, seemingly written just for you:

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