Corlain was born in the Empire, unlike most elves in the land. His parents made the northern woods of the Empire their home. Reclusive but knowledgeable on many things they taught Corlain a great deal. Always, however, Corlain wished to explore; to wander the cities and wilds of the world. Unlike his parents Corlain enjoyed the company of other people, even other species. He always felt more human than elf in his heart. When it was time for him to go off on his own he decided to explore all the lands that he could.

He started by heading south; stopping in any city, no matter the size, and sharing drinks and stories with the locals. He was not accepted everywhere given his heritage. However for the most part he tended to win people over with his personable demeanor and almost melodic way with words. In one town through which Corlain passed he met a man named Trent Otto. Trent was a horseman. He owned a great deal of horses and made a business selling and renting them out. Corlain took up a job with Trent, learning how to care for and ride horses. Trent also ran a delivery service with some of his fastest steeds. Corlain was eventually trained as a coachman. He learned how to ride and to shoot with great proficiency. He rode shotgun on many treks across great distances.

Eventually Corlain decided it was time to move on. He purchased a wagon and four horses from Trent and set back out on his journeying. He also purchased two single shot pistols. He’d recently seen a quick draw sharp shooter put on a show in the town square and this had intrigued him. He went to the sharpshooter and learned everything he could about gunmanship. This sharpshooter, Jim Morrison was his name, was also a dealer of fire arms. Jim had a shipment of weapons he needed taken to some marshlands to the south and asked Corlain if he could use his wagon to transport the weapons to this place in payment for Corlain’s training. Corlain promptly agreed and headed out. This town had come under attack by some foul creatures or another and was looking to fortify themselves a little better with these weapons.

It was a fairly uneventful journey; however when he got to the swamps he had to hire a ferry to take his wagon and horses into the town. Corlain didn’t much like the idea of taking his horses out into this place but he had no other choice. Along the way he encountered what he feared. The low riding ship was set on by alligators. Not just any alligators, huge monstrous beasts. Corlain and the captain of the ferry fought as hard as they could but three of Corlain’s horses were lost and his wagon and the ferry were pretty beat up. Nonetheless the ship and all the weapons made it to the town. Corlain was upset at the loss of his three horses but it could have been worse. Those three horses were pack animals, nothing more. They were bread to be stocky and strong, to pull weight and die young. His riding horse, Oliver, made it through the ordeal. Corlain had known Oliver since he was a pony and had now been riding him for three years. Oliver was a tall strong powerful steed built for riding.

So then Corlain was in the swamps minus three horses. Oliver, for all his strength certainly could not pull the wagon himself so Corlain sold it. Jim had already received his money for the weapons he sold the town so Corlain had no reason to return to him. Now Corlain simply had to decide what he wanted to do with the next chapter of his life.

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