Boop's Bio

Rank III Private Boop Wup of the 7th


Rash, Just, Relaxed, Talkative
Protect Mother Nature at all costs.
Do what is right no matter the consequences.


Boop grew up in a clan of feral gnomes in the deep marshes of Chelimber. He grew up like any other gnomling in the Wup clan, but soon fell in with a sect of gnomes, from clans across the marsh, that harnessed their feral urges to protect their homeland rather than clan alone. They taught Boop to honor and respect the land that they live on and it will in turn protect him and provide him with all that he needs. Boop struggled to follow this path while living in a clan of warriors who took what they needed from the marsh and did not give her anything back in return. Boop relied heavily on the others who lived with the marsh. They taught him all that he would need to know and he soon became a guardian of the marsh. The guardians protected their home land from anyone or anything that would cause destruction to their marsh. He rarely stayed in his hut in his clan’s village anymore; instead he would stay out in the marsh for days on end by himself.

Age 19

During one of these sojourns he came across what seemed like a massacre there was a group of giant frogs that were gutted and left to die. As Boop inspected the situation more he came found that there was a living giant left. The only issue was that there was a goblin with a cruelly made pole arm trying to gut the helpless frog. Boop flew into a rage and defended the frog. He easily dispatched the lone goblin and went to the aid of the frog. He cared for the wounds that the goblin had inflicted upon the hapless creature. Through the care and compassion for the frog he soon formed a bond with the frog like the other guardians did with a special animal.
Unfortunately that goblin that Boop dispatched was not alone. He was a scout for an invading war force of goblins. They swept down into the marsh and destroyed clans and nature without discretion. Since the clans of the marsh were individualists they were easy for the goblins to wipe out one clan at a time. The guardians realizing the threat and the stubbornness of the clans had to act fast. The only other ally that they had in the marsh was the fey. They allied forces with the fey, which would later be referred to as the pixie alliance, and went were the fighting was hottest and banded together with whatever clan was under attack. This mobile defensive strike force was enough when combined with a clan to fight off the goblin force and drive them out of the marsh.

Age 25

Boop proved himself in the fighting during the Goblin Assault of the Marsh, G.A.M., and years to come as a defender of the land. The others of his sect decided that he was ready to travel and learn to love the rest of the land. When he has accomplished this he was then ready to search out the Emerald Enclave and become initiated into the honorable society of druids across Faerun.

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