Bob of Tasseldale

Bob was born to a family of poor farmers. The family was very faithful towards their god Tyr. One year the family wasn't able to pay the taxes the church. If the family was to have an easy time in the afterlife they needed to give the church an indulgence. To make things worse, if they fell behind on their pay, the church would slaughter the family, instantly condemning the family to an eternity of suffering. Since they had no money, they decide to donate one of their four sons to the Abbey of the Just Hammer as an indulgence. The family was very close, except for Bob, who spent a questionable amount of time in the stable with the horses. It was not hard for the family to lose Bob. There was extra food to go around, so the family decided to celebrate, but hours before, the church decided that the donation of the child wasn't enough, so they broke into the house during the celebration, and proceeded to slaughter the family.

It took Bob a while to adjust to life in the Abbey, but he grew into his new role well. He showed many signs of becoming a great paladin. He grew into a strong man, talented with any weapon given to him; he showed great will power towards the temptation of women, to the point where he didn't even seem interested in them; he devoted himself to Tyr, so if he talked, it was about serving Tyr; and he had a better relationship with his mount then with any man. Bob's elders approved of this greatly, but soon they became a little discourage about his relationship with the mount. One day their suspicions were satisfied when two monks walked in on Bob proving his love to his horse, in his horse.

Disgusted, the church wanted nothing to do with Bob and excommunicated him instantly. He was thrown on a boat destined for Sespech. Being departed from his two loves, his mount and serving Tyr, he went into denial and convinced himself that he was only on a quest to prove his loyalty to Tyr by serving him through out the realm. He traveled south to Lake of Steam where he found an opportunity to serve Tyr by serving in his name to rid a troubled town by solving the evil plaguing it.

In this town adventurers were being hired, so Bob joined instantly. This new group had many eventful moments. Together they lowered the population of dangerous creatures lurking in the grassy hills, protected the town from an all out kobold attack, and set up an old guard tower outside of the town. Unfortunately, Bob's quest came to unexpected end when he ventured too close to a fellow adventurer's mount, which devoured him.


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