Amenopheus The Sapphire Sage
Amenopheus is a member of the elite Jeweled Sages of Osirion, some of the world's most adept spymasters. Though the Jeweled Sages were disbanded when the Keleshite invaders took over their desert empire centuries ago, Amenopheus claims to trace his blood to the line of the astrologers of antiquity.

Many claim that Amenopheus was a member of the Pathfinder Society in his youth before returning to his homeland when The Ruby Prince took the throne and restored the ancient Jeweled Sages to their former place at their ruler's side. Some rumors are more extreme than a youth of adventuring, however, and some claim to have seen ancient Osirian tapestries depicting a man advising the pharaohs who resembles Amenopheus too closely to not be the same man. These whispers naturally lead to assumptions that he is in fact the original Sapphire Sage brought from his uncovered tomb to once again serve his nation.1

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