Al'Hakar Adim

From the inquisitive mind of Al’Hakar Adim

What’s there to say, I am a nobody. My mother was a conquest and my father was a treasure.

That is a story for another time though, this is going to be about me damn it. I AM going to be somebody. Mother was an acolyte of the great Library of Sh’magh and taught me to read at a young age. As a child though I was rather wound up and had a hard time sitting. That was until I realized there was information about places that were long forgotten. I could use this research to find the ruins and treasures of bygone times, or maybe the failed warlords from last year. Father had been a raging wish and mother knew she would not be able to hold me back. Instead she fostered as many skills in my as she could, so I would be ready whatever came my way. I learned many skills from books alone, but some skills do not transfer well from books. She convinced Old Crow to teach me a thing or two from his days in the outriders. From him I was able to earn skills for survival and how to inspire men to do greater deeds than they themselves thought capable.

Now it’s my 16th birthday and I am a man. I will find myself a likely group of men, and with my knowledge and preparedness, we shall head out and conquer the relics of old………..I think

Be prepared for the worst and always trust your cape.

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