Adonan Trynnath

Adonan Trynnath was a noble boy of 14 who was sick of his life of properness and the self-centered air of the nobility he was surrounded by. On e night during dinner with the mayor he excused himself for not feeling well. When he went upstairs he decided he was done with this life. He “borrowed” some of this parent’s money and ran away. He wore the simplest clothes he owned and hid his money so no one would know who he was. Adonan didn’t know where he was going to go but he didn’t care. He left town by the south road never to be seen again.

But he was seen again. After five days on the road he went into the woods to find food and got lost. On the third day of wandering through the woods he came upon a large, simple building. In the yard were men attacking each other with long sticks which Adonan thought looked like a shepherd’s staff. After watching for a while he realized they were not attacking each other but training. As he approached the building he saw men working in the garden.

When Adonan got within 100 meters of the building one of the fighters noticed him and called for a stop in the training. He motioned towards the newcomer and both men started walking towards hinm. Adonan was frightened but he did not run. When they got near him he saw that their muscles were toned, tanned, and glistening with sweat as if they had been practicing for hours in the summer sun, as they very well had been.

The first man introduced himself as Dren and the second man was baret. Dren asked what a boy so young was doing so far into the woods. Adonan wasn’t sure how to answer, did he tell them the truth or did he lie. After a moment’s pause, Adonan said he had left home to seek a more fulfilling life. The two men looked at each other and chuckled. Dren told Adonan to follow him. The two men looked at each other and chuckled. Dren told Adonan to follow him. The men brought Adonan to a man whose eyes looked ancient but his body was still in perfect condition. Cruril, as he introduced himself, was the master of the monastery and said he could teach Adonan all about how being a monk could make his life more fulfilling.

And so began Adonan’s training at the monastery. He never told the monks about his money and he kept it hidden in his room. The monks were very adamant about people’s personal space being their own so he never had to worry about it. Adonan trained for 12 years at the monastery. He trained his body to withstand all types of punishment and to be the most agile monk at the monastery. When he wasn’t training for combat he was training his mind. Adonan was a quick learner because of his early years at the private schools in his town and the master had infinite wisdom to share.

At night after training all the monks sat around the table and told stories and drank. Through the years Adonan became very resistant to the negative effects of alcohol. In fact, it seemed to make him stronger and harder to hurt when he drank and fought. This seemed to be true for a few other monks as well.

One day shortly before his 26th birthday the monks took Adonan to a town that was about 2 days away from the monastery arrived near dusk and entered the first tavern they saw. Throughout the night the monks drank and wandered from bar to bar, all getting piss drunk and laughing and having a good time. During the night the monks taught Adonan how best to handle the extraordinary amount of ale he was drinking. Toward the end of the night a man who had recently entered took offense to something he thought Adonan said toward him (Adonan wasn’t speaking to him at all.) The man drew his sword and charged Adonan. Adonan turned to his fellow monks to ask if that man war really there and, in turning, cracked the charging man’s skull with his mug. Adonan staggered to the side from the weight that hit his arm just as a sword came slashing throught where he was standing. Adonan fell backwards onto a char and his foot caught the man in the chin and knocked the man unconscious. The fight lasted about 12 seconds. The entire bar started cheering and laughing at the show.

At this point Adonan decided it was time to leave the monastery because town was obviously so much fun. Adonan kept up personal training during the day and lived a simple life. He took the money he had “borrowed” from his parents and bought himself a tankard made of heavy metal that hit hard and true. Adonan had been told that no normal man could break that mug. He lived on the leftover money, growing his own food and hunting with his bare hands. He was given an amulet from the master when he left; that he was told would make his skin thicker whenever he wore it. He also won a magical pair of boots in a drinking contest, which over tme he found allowed him to run faster and jump better. Also, during his time at the bar he won other magical trinkets during drinking contests and feats of ability.

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